Unleash Your Inner Khaleesi with These Game of Thrones Gifts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve probably heard of the Game of Thrones franchise, which consists of a book series and a television show based on the literature. Author George R. R. Martin is the mastermind behind Westeros, and he’s hard at work, writing in order to finish the book series before the popular HBO show catches up. The popularity of the books and show has led to a massive surge in fan interest, when it comes to Game of Thrones gear. Here are some of the coolest gifts and paraphernalia you can get a Game of Thrones fan.

Ice Replica

Stark loyalists unite! This is Ned Stark’s enormous sword, which is crafted out of Valyrian steel. We get a rather grim introduction to it during season one, when we see exactly how Night’s Watch deserters are treated once they are discovered. Too bad no one actually listens to Gared’s warnings about the White Walkers. This blade has been met with some bloody days, and it’s journey will get really interesting during Season Four. HBO sells an official replica of Ice on their website.

Dragon Eggs

Just when things were at an all time low for Daenerys, Magister Illyrio dropped off the best wedding present imaginable – dragon eggs. Sure they were fossilized to begin with, but Daenerys had the perfect blend of patience, curiosity and perseverance to bring these little critters to life. You can invoke the legendary tale of the Mother of Dragons by checking out the set of dragon eggs in the official HBO shop.

Iron Coin of the Faceless Man

Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris. All men must die, all men must serve. These are the solemn words that Jaqen H’ghar lives by, and he imparts this wisdom on Arya Stark by giving her this mysterious coin. It features a faceless man wearing a hood. It might also be valuable as a key to entering Braavos, just in case Arya wants to visit the former home of her Syrio Forel. Since HBO renewed the show for two more seasons, we’re likely to see the coin make another appearance. There are a number of vendors that carry this coin online.

The Iron Throne

No kidding, you can actually buy yourself a replica iron throne for thirty grand in the HBO store. This is like the ultimate fan gift for the power hungry or rich obsessed fan.

Game of Thrones is making fantasy accessible to a wide audience. It has a diverse set of characters, representing women, people of color, and those with different physical abilities. Now that the television series has been renewed for two more seasons, even more will join the fandom.

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