Tech Gadgets on the Wild Side

Who says techie and animal prints don’t go together? If you really want to go geek chic, check out some of the most stylish gadgets and gizmos featuring animal prints such as cheetah, leopard and zebra. Forget the standard black or overly geeky designs featuring superheroes and the like. There are no rules when it comes to the aesthetics of gadgets, so embrace your wild side and choose a device that matches your personality.

Whether you prefer a USB that would be a perfect fit for an African safari or an iPod casing rich with zebra stripes, there’s something for every trendy geek. Here are some of the most appropriate devices for the jungle:

1. Taser C2

First featured at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show, the cheetah-print taser caught everyone’s eye. Editor of Shiny Shiny Susi Weaser quickly tweeted, “Oh my god, do they really sell these things?” but they clearly do since sales have been substantial. “It taps into personal arms becoming more attractive and the ‘girlifying’ of technology,” says Weaser.

2. Hello Kitty Cheetah Print USB

Two animals in one, the Hello Kitty Cheetah Print USB comes with 8gb of space and is a product of Mimoco. Plus, for just $25 is the perfect stocking stuffer or giveaway items for tech and animal-based companies alike. Not into cheetahs? The bear option is a little more neutral but equally as adorable.

3. Cheetah print iPhone case

The Case-Mate in cheetah print remains a popular product for Apple, and there’s one for generations 4 and 5 currently available. Featuring a form-fitting skin, impact-resistant shale and dual layers for protection, it has the added bonus of hiding smudges and fingerprints in the natural camo layout of a cheetah’s pattern.

4. Cheetah keyboard and mouse

If you really want to deck out your work station, a cheetah keyboard and mouse is the perfect accoutrement. Like the iPhone case, it also hides smudges and prints easily, which is a must for bloggers, professionals and students who spend hours each day behind the screen. Plus, it’s easy to swap out once you get bored or in the mood for another type of feline.

While some may say the influx of animal prints with technology is stereotyping women, females certainly aren’t the only gender picking up these in-demand gadgets. Animal prints aren’t just for women, and appeal to all ages, genders and types of consumers.

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