Scientifically Supported Beauty Tricks You Won’t Need To Visit The Skin Care Aisle to Use

When it comes to the search for the fountain of youth and beauty, many people stroll up their local beauty care aisle for anti-aging creams, skin-softening lotions, and gels, scrubs, and ointments that claim to remove any and all flaws on a body.

But when you break down the science of how your body works, many of these desirable traits can be achieved with items that are not in the skin care aisle.  natural supplements

1. Potatoes can reduce puffiness around the eyes

This is one of the weirder tricks around, and while it’s (obviously) not marketed as a specific beauty product, the science behind using potatoes to achieve younger-looking skin is accurate. If you place slices of raw potato over your eyes, you can reduce the puffiness around them.

How does it work? The comparative coolness and starchiness of the potato meat draws excess moisture and calms your sore and swollen cells.

2. Skip the gel; stretch marks can be rolled away

Stretch marks are one of the biggest skin conditions people fight to correct, and they’re also one of the hardest to get rid of. Instead of reaching for a gel or lotion to treat them, however, scientists suggest you use a massaging roller to activate the skin cells’ healing mechanisms; they say this will achieve better results.

This process, sometimes referred to as “needling,” can activate collagen production in cells, which reinforces and recovers skin cells that replace the dead and worn out parts of the cells that form stretch marks. This trick also works great for acne scars.

3. Vitamin supplements support healthier hair

While most people focus on finding a great shampoo or restoration conditioner to get the luscious locks they want, the product that’s been most effective for stronger and softer hair is actually a vitamin supplement called Biotin.

The chemical process that’s initiated in the body when people take Biotin (also known as Vitamin H or B-Complex vitamins), leads to stronger and healthier hair, stronger and healthier skin, and stronger and healthier nails.

4. Strawberries make great (and delicious) tooth-whitening products

When people want whiter teeth, they tend to buy a variety of expensive and chemical-based products. What they fail to realize, however, is that one of the best products they could use is in the produce aisle.

The acidic nature of strawberries — in particular their high concentration of malic acid, the key ingredient used in most tooth whitening processes — makes strawberries the perfect natural agent for creating a brighter, whiter smile. If mashed up into a paste and brushed on your teeth several times, these tasty berries can produce rather rapid whitening results.

For even better results, you can try mixing the mashed-up strawberries with baking soda, which contains the active ingredient in tooth-whitening toothpastes.

Looking great doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg or involve lab-tested skin care products. The science that supports most beauty tricks would lead people elsewhere. But with these four scientifically supported tricks, people can get a head start on beauty tricks that truly work.

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