Natural Skin-Care Products Provide the Best in Anti-Aging

Serum products with hyaluronic acid offer some of the best results for anti-aging skin care. A combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, ferulic acid, and Vitamin C not only provides extra moisture, but also lightens your skin. Woman receiving facial mask at beauty salon

Dry or tight skin, flaking, and dark spots are some of the most common skin complaints among women as they age.

Why the interest in natural skin-care products?

Natural skin-care products have been around for many years, and women have used home-made compounds for centuries. From the beginning of time, women have recognized the fact that certain plants provide benefits for the skin and have passed this wisdom along to new generations.

According to the Powder Room, a blog on the New York Daily News site, increased concern about environmental issues has made more women care about the ingredients that go into the products they use. Women are recognizing the importance of protecting the environment by sticking to environmentally sensitive products.

Many conventional skin products contain ingredients that are bad for the environment, not to mention your skin. Various chemicals have been shown to be unhealthy; some even have the potential to cause cancer. Many of the fragrances found in skin products are synthetic, and likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions.

An extra bonus where natural skin-care products are concerned is the fact that more products on the market are designated as cruelty-free, which means their production did not include testing on animals.

Good moisturizing after a hard winter

The winter of 2014 presented many women in the US with more than just cold and wet weather conditions. A combination of dry, cold air and increased use of indoor heating systems left many women with dry, itchy, and flaky skin.

Skin health specialists recommend trying to prevent dry skin whenever possible. Humidifiers are helpful for keeping your skin in top condition, especially during periods of colder weather or in areas with especially dry climate.

Regular exfoliation with natural products is key to keeping your skin in healthy shape. Using a loofah in the shower is a good way to remove troublesome dry skin. A retinol cream available over the counter is a good addition to your daily skin-care routine.

Can old remedies be the future of natural skin care?

According to a recent article in Health magazine, many skin-care experts have started turning to old remedies to prevent wrinkles and other aging problems. Some newer skin products rely on ingredients such as eggshell membranes, known to have moisturizing properties, although their anti-aging abilities are still not fully established.

It is likely that more products that use old favorite ingredients will be on the market in coming months and years.

Many skin health experts recommend caution when you’re choosing a product that claims to be natural. While most of the best products are natural, not all natural products are necessarily beneficial.

One common concern with many natural products are ingredients known to be oily, which can further aggravate acne problems. Customers should investigate all claims about a product thoroughly before buying.

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