Matching Credit Card Processing to Your Business


With cash and checks nearly as archaic as the dinosaurs, credit and debit card processing is one of the few equipment needs every business must have for success. Customers want swiping ease whether they walk into a store or shop online. Because businesses have so many different selling platforms, card processing must be just as versatile. Matching processing equipment and a service plan to the company is critical for easy sales.

Traditional Processing Machines

If you’re a novice in the retail business, start with a standard processing machine sitting near a cash register. Advertise the different cards you take for transactions to get customers used to the new payment platform. Swipe or manually enter each card into the machine. When properly set up, your transactions will fly through for faster customer checkout times. Even take sales over the phone as you manually input the card number. A versatile payment situation pleases every customer.

Adding Acquirers to your Website

When your business is mainly supported by online sales, processing standard cards is the basis for all transactions. However, you can go further with your customer service by adding an acquirer. Businesses, such as PayPal, allow customers to set up instant bank account withdrawals through the acquirer instead of each retail website. You’ll have the safety net of the acquirer, knowing they have already vetted the person to have sufficient funds. There’s no failed card transactions with these entities added to the website along with regular debit and credit card use.

Mobile Swiping Accessories

If you have salesmen working in the field, traditional swiping machines aren’t possible in the vehicle. Consider using mobile swiping accessories for smartphones and tablets. These accessories typically plug right into the device, allowing you to swipe a card through the mechanism with an app pulled up on screen. A salesman pulling up on a job site, for instance, can instantly sell a critical item without any further billing processes.

Provider Plan Intricacies

Before you settle on any credit card processing provider, you need to match your selling volume to transaction fees. If you have a small sales volume, a provider plan with only “per transaction” fees is affordable. Large sales volumes are better matched with a monthly plan covering a certain transaction quantity. Any transactions above the plan’s amount are subject to extra fees, however.

High-risk Accounts Beware

When you sell controversial items, from e-cigarettes to ammunition, many processing companies won’t work with you. It may be necessary to research lesser-known merchant account providers to secure a reasonable deal. Your past sales and stellar credit do play a part with providers so offer any concrete proof of your honest business transactions to find the right plan.

Whether you run an accounting business or convenience store, card processing is expected by nearly every customer. Consider your customer volume and analyze sales. If you lack card processing now, your potential sales could grow exponentially in the near future with a reliable machine. Be active with the business world and add equipment as soon as sales show a need.


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