Living the Alternative Life in Northern San Diego County

If you’ve ever explored San Diego’s city real estate, some of the home prices may have given you pause. Those bay and city views can cost a pretty penny, but there is a way to enjoy this Southern California gem without the expensive real estate cost. North County is a refuge for home-buyers who want a piece of the rural life, but with city convenience on the next street corner.

Hidden Treasures

Driving through downtown San Diego is a stark difference to North County’s sprawl and laid-back feeling. Homes in Vista, Escondido and San Marcos, for example, have large lots with ample yards. The topography is mainly hills and rolling fields, giving you the appearance of a home nestled in a rural country area. However, driving over the hill provides you with all the markets, restaurants and shops you could ever need for everyday life.

Horses? No Problem

Ask your real estate agent about properties allowing horses and other livestock. With old farms still in business nearby, many properties are still available for large animal use. Stables and hazing grounds could be some of the amenities in the next home you tour. Be aware that these homes could have extra acreage, costing more in price when bidding time arrives.

Small Town Feel Exists

With malls nearby for every need imaginable, your real estate agent can show you some of the local areas where time seems to stand still. An old pub converted into a restaurant still holds true to its small-town roots. Bring the whole family to enjoy a small eatery or coffeehouse. Getting to know the locals is a perfect way to familiarize yourself with culture and neighborhood feel. If you aren’t comfortable with the locals, another town may be a better choice.

Venturing out for Organic Fare

A major perk of North County is proximity to farmer’s markets and delivery. Enjoy organic fruit and vegetables with nearly the same cost as store-bought types. Even have some items delivered directly to your home. For health-conscious people, this regional benefit outweighs property cost. You can even contribute to the farming community if a property has some fruit trees. Community living is still part of the culture in North County.

Rising Prices with Slow Sales Numbers

It was almost impossible to find a home loan after the Great Recession in 2008 and 2009. Today’s financing trends are still strict, but rewarding of good credit customers. All of San Diego is seeing a rising trend in property values throughout 2014. However, the homes aren’t selling as quickly as they did once before. If you find a perfect property, negotiate with the owner on a lower price. They may not want to wait out another buyer and take your offer.

Take advantage of a fixer-upper in North County to make the property a reflection of your own personality. If current real estate trends continue, this area could rise in price within the next 10 years, making it difficult to afford enough land for your favorite dog or horse.

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