Keeping Your Business Running During Power Outages


Power outages can lead to unexpected delays, revenue loss, data emergencies, and even health concerns. For example, creative production teams cannot afford to have a power outage occur during film rendering or large project backups. Patients at hospitals can be put at physical risk if medical technology fails during a power outage. Retail stores might be forced to shut their doors when the power goes out, leading to frustrating and unanticipated losses. However, companies that are prepared for unexpected power outages can actually move forward with their work with little interruption. Here are a few safety and operation factors to keep in mind while preparing for power outages.

Keep Walkways Clear

Adopt safety policies so that employees will keep walkways clear at all times. You never know when a power outage will hit, and clutter can lead to unnecessary risk and liability issues. Clear walkways can protect both your employees and your customers from falls and injuries. When employees notice obstacles on a walkway or near an exit, they should move it immediately. These practices will also help your business adhere to fire and safety codes.

Credit Card Imprinters

Retailers actually don’t necessarily need electricity to process transactions. All you need is a credit card imprinter, carbon copy slips, and a pen. Credit card imprinters, also known as “knuckle busters” have experienced a slight revival due to recent data breaches. You’ll need to list out the product names, prices, and descriptions by hand, but this method will still allow you to assist customers. Your company keeps one portion of the sales slip, while the attached carbon copy is given to the customer. If you plan to use this method during a power outage, be very careful about securing the forms after the purchase. The carbon copy method takes an imprint of customers’ entire credit card numbers, so these slips contain extremely sensitive information. Also keep in mind that you cannot process cards with flat digits using an imprinter.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

These systems provide continuous power flow to your technology, so that power outage situations can be controlled. Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) can be connected to critical systems so that employees can take the necessary measures to secure data and take safety precautions.

Organizations have many options to pursue in the event of a power outage, so long as they take proactive measure to equip their offices or store locations. If your business relies on continuous operations in power outage situations, your leaders and IT professionals should explore some of these options.

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