Interior Décor Tips for a More Beautiful Home


Interior design and decoration is an arena of considerable competition for many homeowners. Everyone wants to amaze their guests when entertaining, and to be able to simply enjoy life in a beautiful living space. However, many people are not experienced or confident in home décor. There are plenty of professionals out there who would love to help you out for the right price, but if the truth is told everyone can decorate a home to amaze by following a few simple tips.


The color of the walls in a room is one of the first things any guest will notice. Choice in paint colors should be made carefully. Consider the aesthetic you would like to bring into a room. For example, if you would light to brighten a room, paint with lighter colors. Also consider the theme for your home, and keep the color scheme the same throughout. For example you might use the common theme of earth tones, or pastels throughout.

When selecting paint it is a good idea to purchase one quart or pint of a color you think you like, painting a piece of foam board to see how it looks when it dries, and walking around the room you desire to paint to see how it looks. This will lend itself to a more professional and cohesive look. Painting the interior of your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Use a foam roller with the desired texture and a rolling tray to hold paint. Tape off areas, such as light switches, which you desire not to paint, and cover the floor in newspaper to protect it.


The type of flooring you choose for any area of your home adds a distinct layer to the overall aesthetic. There are many types of flooring commercially available on the market today. Carpet of all shades, patterns, and textures, wood of many types, tile of almost any color and pattern, and virtually any linoleum you can think of, to name a few.

Choosing a flooring type can be accomplished by asking a few questions. Ask yourself about the room itself; is it subject to high traffic? If so, a more durable surface may be needed. Is it a living area or bedroom? Many people prefer more cozy flooring in these areas and go with thick carpet. A Rug on top of wood or tile is also an option to consider.

Wall Decorations

We all know that a room, even with good paint and a nice floor, can be pretty sterile without anything on the walls. Pictures are a great way to spruce things up. Plenty of “canned” images are available commercially, but having your own pictures on the wall adds that touch of personal flair. Printing digital pictures at home is easy and putting them in nice frames is a great touch for any room. If you want to go with a bigger, more interesting style, consider having your pictures printed on canvas. With state of the art press technology, the pictures can be crystal clear and still have the canvas feel.


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