Innovative Methods of Increasing Art Sales

The term “starving artist” has become somewhat endemic in the artist community. As most artists eventually realize, making a living through artwork can prove challenging and exhausting. However, for those true to their passion, it isn’t a matter of if they can run a profit but how. With a few innovative techniques, you can begin catering to a wider demographic of consumers and improve your overall sales.

Offer Seasonal Items

By featuring seasonal art pieces in your gallery, you can cater to a wider range of people and greatly improve your revenue stream. Seasonal art pieces, such as holiday-themed art or art relating to weather patterns, will be more widely appreciated by viewers. It will appeal to those looking to decorate their home for the holidays, as well as the mobs of holiday shoppers. This will enable you to expand your reach from your typical art enthusiasts to home-owners, interior decorators, holiday shoppers, and more. Park West Gallery is just one example of art galleries that have succeeded in implementing this method. They feature a variety of art pieces that are reminiscent of particular seasons and weather patterns.
Host Regular Sales

While it may seem counterintuitive to mark down the price of your art as a means of increasing profits, it has actually shown to be rather beneficial when done appropriately. Tentative and frugal consumers are more likely to invest in a piece of art if it appears that they are getting a great deal. When marking down the cost, be sure to highlight the amount of money saved. This assuages the customer that their potential purchase is a fiscally responsible decision.

Make Yourself Known

Art is incredibly subjective, and many consumers have difficulty discerning what qualifies as great artwork. In fact, novices tend to value the popularity of the artist over the quality of the piece, enabling you to reach a wider demographic of consumers by simply making yourself popular. So, how do you make yourself popular? Start by hanging your artwork in any public location that will allow you to do so. Seek out coffee shops, gift shops, malls, and farmer’s markets as places to showcase your work. Get engaged on social media and promote yourself far and wide. The more frequently people hear your name, the more reputable you will seem and the more art you will sell.

Create Art Publicly

Particularly to the non-artist types, there is a certain magic and appeal to watching a person create their artwork. Consider setting up a booth at the local farmer’s market where you can work on your latest sculpture or painting for the whole neighborhood to see. If you run a gallery, open it up as a free space for some of your featured artists to work. Not only do people enjoy watching others create art, but it also humanizes the art and reminds consumers of the time, effort, and love that goes into crafting each piece. When people get to see the artist creating their masterpiece, their desire to support the artist’s work becomes intensified.

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