Geek-Legal Shirts Every Attorney (or Wannabe) Needs

There’s a plethora of geeky shirts on the market, and for those with legal leanings sometimes you want to gloat, poke fun at yourself, or show some respect to the fictional legal eagle characters you love to watch. Just like Sheldon Cooper, showing your personality in your clothes and t-shirts is a fun way to catch everyone’s eye. Plus, as an attorney, it allows you to enjoy the lighter side of law.

Whether you hail from a law firm in Munich or a small firm in Tampa, there’s a shirt out there for you. You might not be able to wear it in court, but it’s the perfect accessory to the off the clock attorney. Here are a few to check out:

1. I Am the Law!

This “Judge” t-shirt is especially ideal for judges, but can suit anyone in the legal field. Plus, the powerful message works great in situations like working out or any other time you need to get into beast mode.

2. Harvard Law (Just Kidding)

This shirt works perfectly in two situations: When you didn’t go to Harvard Law, and when you did. In fact, it’s a must for anyone who did attend this revered law school and is gearing up for a reunion. While you love your alma mater no matter what, Elle Woods made a lasting impact on Harvard’s legal reputation.

3. Atticus Finch Attorney at Law

For the lawyer who’s also a lit geek at heart, this “To Kill a Mockingbird” homage is ideal. The book highlighted one of the most famous fictional trials of all time, while also showcasing an attorney who fought the law for all the right reasons.

4. Was it Legal? Absolutely Not!

When wearing this shirt, get prepared for plenty of stares and some impromptu questions. However, as an attorney, you’re equipped to handle them. It helps if you brush up on the weird laws of your state to have some interesting facts to toss around (plus, you’ve probably never represented or filed a lawsuit against anyone who’s guilty of the strangest of laws).

5. Obey Gravity, It’s the Law!

This one is especially fitting for attorneys of ample size. In some cases, such as very informal practices, you might even be able to get by wearing it on casual Friday.

No matter how you show your legal geek pride, do it with style.


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