Four Things You’ll Need To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Anyone that watches TV, reads books or enjoys a movie now and then knows that the zombie apocalypse is inevitable. Whether you love through it, or die trying, depends on how ready you are for it to happen. Sure, neighbors will call you crazy. Instead of calling you a prepper they’ll say you’re a hoarder. But you’ll know the truth and you’ll be the one they come running to when the outbreak happens.

If you’ve watched any zombie films you probably already know what you need to survive. But just in case, here are a few simple things that might help you not starve to death or become a zombie meal.

Food and Water

You might be able to outwit the zombies, but not for long if you run out of energy or you start to get dehydrated. Water is important. Have some water purification tablets on you at all times to that you can get water from anywhere. These are much lighter than carrying a bunch of jugs if you’re on the run.

Protein will help give you energy to escape, so jerky is obviously the perfect food to stock up on. Eating things like bread will just slow you down, plus they go bad faster.


Guns are better because they are fast and you don’t have to be really close to the zombie to kill it. Plus, zombies won’t be your only issues. Guns are better for saving yourself from live human attackers too.

However, bullets won’t last forever, so knives can really help you too. Have a few sizes of them, even some you can throw (you may want to start perfecting your aim now).


You probably didn’t know that batteries have many uses, but now you will. A recent infographic shared by Battery Wholesale gives you all you need to know about how to use batteries to stay alive during the zombie apocalypse.

You can use your battery as a flashlight, even if you don’t have a flashlight to put it in. You can start a fire with batteries, just be careful that you don’t start your house on fire with them while storing them.


And, lastly, it can help to have some other folks on hand to help out. If you aren’t alone you can cover more ground, kill more zombies and find more things to help you survive. Just make sure you pick people you trust.

Plus, if the zombies are fast ones, all you have to do is run faster than the next person.

As you see, you can survive when the zombies come, you just need the right supplies and to know how to use them. While you might think the likelihood of the zombie apocalypse is slim to none, you really just never know, do you?

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