Choosing the Right Storage Unit

storage unit

There are a multitude of reasons that call for the use of a storage unit. This includes downsizing to a smaller home, extra storage for those who live in apartments, or a safe place to keep memorabilia that is not needed on a daily basis but is not something an individual wants to part with. Regardless of the reason one is contemplating a storage unit, the best place to begin is determining the right storage unit for the items being stored.

How Well-Managed Is the Storage Facility?

First and foremost, the safety and security of the items being stored must be paramount. Consider whether or not the storage facility or storage pod is temperature controlled, clean, rodent free, and what type of security systems are in place. Although a security guard or staff member may not be on-site at all hours of the day and night, consider whether or not the storage facility is gated, and what type of security alarms and security cameras are in place.

How Much Is Being Stored?

Consider how much is being stored, as well as what types of items are being stored. Storage facilities will share the dimensions of all of their storage options, and the estimated number of items that can be stored in each unit. For example, a storage facility may indicate that its smallest storage unit or storage pod is large enough to fit 1 to 1.5 rooms, or 40 to 50 medium-sized boxes. This size is ideal for a renter in need of a place to keep seasonal items, a college student looking for a place to keep their dorm items during the summer months, or for anyone who is in need of a little extra space to de-clutter their home office.

Will the Items Need to Be Moved?

One of the advantages to selecting storage pods as opposed to a stationary storage unit is that pods eliminate the need for renting a moving vehicle. The pod is delivered to the business or residence in need of storage, and after it’s been filled with all the items to be moved the pod is delivered either to the new home or business to unload or to a storage facility. This also makes storage pods a convenient option for individuals who find themselves in between homes, but who will be moving shortly.

How Frequently Will Access to Stored Items Be Required?

Another factor that must be taken into consideration is how frequently access to the stored items will be required. Understanding the hours of operation of each storage facility is vital. Storage is designed to be a convenient option that provides college students, renters, homeowners, and business owners the extra room they require without limiting access when it is needed most. For those utilizing pods to be kept at a nearby storage facility, a simple phone call to the storage facility allows the ability to have the pod returned to a home or business to access or to be moved to an area of the facility where the owner can access the contents.

When it comes to keeping a home or business clutter-free and organized, renting even a small a storage unit can make a world of difference—and can ensure that items that are wanted as keepsakes but not needed daily are still safe and sound.

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