Bad Web Design Continues to Be a Strong Reason Companies Fail to Turn Visitors Into Customers

Many brick-and-mortar companies have websites, and some companies operate strictly online. If you own a company that has a Web presence, you need to be sure that you aren’t doing anything with the design of your site to turn customers away. Online customers can be finicky and if they don’t like something on your site, they know they can get to your competitors site in a matter of seconds. Though many people employprofessionals for Web design, too many don’t and they could see traffic falling away at a dramatic rate. What are some bad Web design moves that turn customers away? Keep reading to find out.

Requiring an Account to Browse Your Site

For some reason, more and more companies are forcing visitors to sign up for an account before accessing certain areas of the website. If you do this, it is likely that you are trying to build up an email list, but you are also pushing people away. No one wants to take the time to fill out a form before they even look at your goods and services. Instead, if you want to build up an email list, do it when they place an order. Established customers will be much more likely to accept these emails, saving you time and resources on marketing.

Not Having a Mobile Site

According to Nielson, 61 percent of the US population own smart phones and that is an outstanding opportunity for your company. According to Forbes magazine, about40 percent of all sites are accessed by mobile users. However, since traditionally designed sites aren’t mobile friendly in many cases, the visitor will see a distorted view of the site. This could spell disaster if you are looking to turn your visitors into customers.

Placing Blocks of Text Without Breaking it Up

Another reason that companies struggle to succeed with their online presence is because they place large blocks of text without breaking it up with visuals. The internet is a very visual place and without having things like pictures, graphics, videos or charts, visitors will simply lose interest. According to Web strategist Jeff Bullas,articles that contain images get a whopping 91 percent more views that those that don’t. The same can be said for your home page and product pages. Pictures sell much better than words when shopping online.

If you want to be successful with your website, it is imperative that you offer a site that people want to browse. A professional Web designer will certainly be able to help with this. In addition to these things, employing technology like responsive Web design, search engine optimization and app development can also be done by the pros. This will help you to extend your reach and impress those who are finding their way to your site. Only then will you find success as an online entrepreneur. In most cases, your competitors are already using these methods. In order to keep up, it is highly recommended you start using them, too.

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