6 Health Reasons Why Businesses Should Focus on Sustainability


Promoting a “green” business entails more than saving energy or reducing waste. Although a company can save money in the long run by implementing sustainable practices, there are health ramifications that contribute as well. This could save an organization even more money through employee health and insurance benefits. Cost effective solutions doesn’t always include a cheap alternative to equipment or procedures and could increase your expenses in terms of sick leave and insurance claims. Why should a business focus on sustainable practices for the health of employees?

Less Lawsuits

Many organizations are feeling the sting of unhealthy procedures. According to Martzell and Bickford, people are diagnosed with terminal illnesses from being around various materials. Mesothelioma is a common affliction for those in manufacturing and other labor work. When these lawsuits come to light, the company is usually made to pay for such cancerous ailments.

Reducing Illnesses

Practicing eco-friendly procedures can help reduce the illnesses that accumulates within the establishment. Using organic compounds and alternatives to hazardous components can reduce ailments such as asthma which can be constituted as a work-related injury. This increases insurance claims and downtime as employees stay home sick unable to contribute to that day’s workload.

Lower Insurance Rates

Some insurance coverage plans will have reduced premiums depending on health and safety implementations around the facility. While some business owners may feel the cost is much too high to meet certain standards, the overall cost in premiums over time will become more than what the upgrades would have been.

Employee Happiness

According to Andy Kiersz of Business Insider, companies that have happier employees outperform those that don’t in their markets. By offering ways to protect employees from injury and sickness, you can increase the overall satisfaction of those that work in your facility. In this kind of a situation, it pays to make them smile.

Accident Reduction

Some sustainable and efficient methods may decrease the overall prospect of injuries in the workplace. Obstructions, leaks, clutter and other elements could seem small until you realize that virtually any bone can break from a fall regardless of the height. Organization of the workplace can offer a clean area while reducing elements such as dirt and airborne particulates. Reusable containers that are properly stored can be an incredible blessing to virtually any business environment for this purpose.

Air Filtration

As mentioned earlier, asthma can be quite the downfall for some of your employees. By installing air filtration devices, you can reduce the effect of these particulates on the health of your subordinates. As many physical complications begin in the lungs, keeping the air quality higher than before will allow your employees to continue working instead of calling in sick. A single person not at his or her post could cost your organization a great deal of money depending on the business function.

The benefits to overall healthy practices contribute to the overall success of the business. By spending less on various complications and lawsuits, more money can be reserved in the bank accounts for other purposes. Take responsibility for the wellbeing of your employees and see the benefits unfold for yourself.


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