5 Websites Handling Massive Amounts of Cash

While the biggies like Google obviously make a ton of cash, that’s not quite the same as handling it on a day to day basis. Once a person really thinks about all of that AP/AR going on in the virtual world, it can be jaw dropping. In fact, there are so many cash transactions happening that it rivals that of Wall Street. Here are 5 websites and industries who are leading the packs when it comes to cold, hard cash.

1. PayPal and the Like

PayPal is still the leader when it comes to sending money online, and requesting it, but others are picking up steam such as WePay. Banks often charge hefty fees for transferring money, and it’s a complex system to boot. PayPal was a pioneer, making it easy to send money but now people are complaining about the holds, delays and the transaction fees. It’s likely that their competition will overtake them in coming years.

2. Amazon

Amazon is the e-commerce king, but other retail sites are also handling thousands, and even millions, of dollars every single day. When someone needs that bestseller pronto, a new pair of shoes, or they’re shopping for back to school clothes, going online is often cheaper and easier. There’s no commute, no battling the crowds and free shipping is also available at times.

3. Florists During the Holidays

Nobody goes into florists anymore to order flowers, unless it happens to be right next door to their work. Instead, florists moved from the telephone world to the virtual one with ease. Particularly during holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, florists are bombarded with orders and rake in an impressive sum.

4. Online Casinos

Why go to Las Vegas when it’s possible to play a favorite casino game right from a mobile platform? Online casinos are a big business, and some of them are backed by big name real-world casinos, too.

5. Shipping Sites

Mail carrier sites and shipping websites also deal with a lot of income every day. After all, packages are always being sent and it’s often easier to schedule a pickup online or print a label than wait in those epic post office lines.

From package forwarding to ordering that anniversary bouquet, the amount of money being exchanged online every day is astounding. Think about all those transactions, from paying bills to the daily deal sites like Living Social and Groupon. That’s a lot of money being spread around.

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