5 Ways to Use Social Media to Keep Yourself in Fashion

Facebook can do a lot more than show you your friend’s latest baby photos, and Pinterest is for more than just pinning. Social media platforms can provide excellent ways to keep up with fashion trends without having to watch E! or pick up the latest Vogue.

It’s no secret that fashion magazines make women and men feel worse about themselves at times; after all, those endless spreads of lithe models would make anyone feel badly about their gym routine. Depending on how a person approaches it, social media can truly make fashion fun again. It can also help keep things in perspective, since the “models” aren’t always models at all.

Using social media to indulge in fashion can even be healthy, providing different perspectives and exhibiting a wide range of body types. Here are five easy ways social media can help you stay up-to-date on trends.

1. Follow whoever you want

There are hundreds of people on Facebook whose only goal is to report trends. You can follow plus-sized ladies, budget shoppers, or a fashionista who has the exact style you’re after. Filtered results give people exactly what they want — no more and no less. The same can’t be said about a fashion magazine. Plus, following is free.

2. Mobile access

Many people consider fashion magazines an indulgence, and most of us take advantage of them only at the airport or salon. With social media, access is instant and it only takes a few swipes to check out what’s happening on a timeline or what’s been pinned today. This easily digestible information makes fashion a natural part of a person’s life, not a rare indulgence that must be treasured.

3. Build an SM collection

Whether it’s re-tweeting photos of the perfect outfit or re-pinning, social media makes it easy to share fashion tips and favorites. This not only helps you keep your likes organized, it also spreads the advice to friends and followers.

Fashion is the most fun when it’s shared, and social media makes it easy to do so. Take advantage of these one-touch sharing options to help spread the latest trend … or stop it before it gets out of control (like those way-too-low lowriders).

4. Get instant advice

Putting together an edgy outfit or even going way off track can be both fun and exciting. Before you step out for the evening in a new outfit, sharing it on social media can evoke instant reactions.

Users can see what people really think of the outfit, which is insight into what others think (but won’t say) in the real world. Just be careful with this approach, since you’ll often find no punches pulled — but at least it takes place well before you’ve stepped out on your date.

5. Build a cache of sites

Social media platforms also allow people to build a cache of sites for shopping, and share it with their SM friends. Sites like Modaqueen let users easily share their favorite items, like that leather Armani belt, so others can also take advantage of the great deals and discounts. All the best sites are in one place, and users can even share their latest purchases.

Fashion is ever-evolving, and sometimes risks (ahem, mistakes) will be made. However, those faux pas can be avoided by using social media and counting on friends for advice and shares.

It’s like an endless shopping trip with friends, but without having to battle the crowds at the mall or circle for a parking space. Use social media for fashion, and there’s no end to the possibilities — especially when online shopping is so much easier than a trip downtown.

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