5 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals


Getting and staying in shape seems like a never ending circle of starting over and failing no matter how resolved one is to follow through this time around. According to James Grage, Vice President of BPI Sports, the reason so many people fail, however, is not the lack of enthusiasm or desire behind the fitness goals. Most of the problem lies how the goals are set and the way they go about trying to complete those goals. Here are some tips to help actually stick to a routine and achieve those fitness goals and achieving long term success.

1. Set Achievable Goals

Many people go wrong right from the beginning by setting unachievable and unrealistic goals for themselves. Fitness, however, is not a one off thing and learning to walk is a prerequisite for running. That’s why people should focus on taking small, impactful steps rather than trying to cover everything in one foul sweep. Breaking bigger goals down is essential to creating more manageable mini-goals. The great part about setting goals like this is that it allows for taking tiny celebrations in achieving the small goals, is a great way to monitor progress, and will keep the motivation coming.

2. Make a Plan and Stick to It

Once there’s a set of realistic and achievable goals in place, the next stage is to make a plan. There is no set plan and a unique one must be designed by each individual to meet their schedule and needs, but regardless of the plan, it has to be followed. According to Pro Sports Club, sticking to a plan can be tough, but the key is consistency and accountability. If that means scheduling exercise every morning at the same time or joining a class, the choice is up to each individual.

3. Get a Trainer or Work Out Buddy

Working out can be tough and that’s why people who add some measure of accountability from a third party in are often more successful. A trainer adds not just expertise and knowledge about what exercises are needed to get the best results possible, but also help with motivation and accountability. If a personal trainer is not part of the budget, getting a friend, family member, or colleague to be a workout buddy can be equally helpful. When one person is feeling like slacking off, the guilt of the other person counting of them is often enough to keep most people going. As a plus, working out with a friend and celebrating each other’s success is more fun and, consequently, more motivational.

4. Establish New Habits

Motivation has its limits and according to CNCA Health, setting new habits and working on them is a far more effective approach.While creating new habits may require a great deal of discipline, but once properly established, they are practically a guarantee to long term success.

5. Support Exercise with a Healthy Lifestyle

Speaking of habits, they shouldn’t only be applied to the exercise routine. According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, meeting fitness goals isn’t just about hitting the gym and a healthy diet and lifestyle are equally, if not more, important. Exercise results will garner the most success if the person eating healthy, whole food and taking in enough fluids, especially water. Getting enough sleep and staying relatively stress free are also very important factors.

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