5 Ways to Bring the Geek Outdoors

Whether it’s a camping trip with a LARPing theme or you want to bring your love of Star Trek to your outdoor grill, it’s a falsity that geeks don’t get outdoors. In fact, a bevy of them can’t get enough of Ren Fairs, geek-centric travel gear, or simply prefer their DnD on the outdoor patio instead of the basement. However, how can you entice your inner geek outdoors a little more to take advantage of that free Vitamin D? Here are a few options:

1. Star Trek Original Series Uniform Hoodie

For the most part, you might geek out Sheldon Cooper style (get Myntra tips to own this look) with graphic tees that boast your geeky affiliations. But what about in the winter? These Engineering Red, Command Yellow or Sciences Blue hoodies are perfect for an autumn walk, camping trip or any other time you want to let your geek flag fly.

2. A warm, welcoming outdoor space

Simply changing up your patio or porch space to make it chic and inviting will bring everyone outside more often. Invest in comfortable patio furniture, a portable fire pit for impromptu s’mores sessions, and if you’re really geeky you can work to make the space mimic a sci-fi landscape. The world (and budget, and imagination) are your only limits, so get creative.

3. BBQ branding iron

There are all kinds of geeky options for branding your steak with a variety of themes, but what if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? You want to follow EatingWell’s advice for great tasting, healthy barbeque, but what if you also want to truly make your food your own? With a customized branding iron, you can get it out as much as you’d like.

4. The Geeky Garden Gnome

It’s not just your mom who’s into garden gnomes. You can call it ironic if you like, or maybe just a little old school, but the Big Mouth Toys Beard-O-The Geeky Garden Gnome is a subtle way to show off your geekdom to all who pass by.

5. Patio Stormtrooper chair

Finally, this is the ultimate patio furniture that’ll guarantee you’re outside as much as possible. A Pinterest favorite, it’s handmade and features a Stormtrooper’s face as the reclining, wooden chair’s back. Commission it from a local craftsman, or if you’re handy try it out yourself.

Who says patios have to be boring or camping is only for overgrown nature lovers and jocks?

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