5 Ways on How to Get User Generated Content from Social Media Accounts

Your company now lives in the digital age. Almost two-thirds of the world is plugged into their smartphones, tablets, or laptops every day. Utilizing social media for your company is definitely a make or break decision.

According to a recent study, eight out of 10 people said that user generated content influences their buying decisions. Seeing these numbers, it doesn’t take a genius to know that user generated content (UCG) can be a great boon for your biz. UCG is content that is generated by people who visit your website. Examples are blog comment posts, product reviews, and shared media from your social accounts.

Here are five ways you can use your social media accounts to boost UCG.

Hold Contests with a Specific Hashtag

Go to Twitter and initiate a contest or giveaway and have folks use a specific hashtag for the event. Generate buzz with pictures and social media updates well before the contest launches to get more people in on the action.

Remember, it is important for you to use a very particular hashtag that is both easily shared and recognizable. The shorter it is; the better.

Picture Contests with Your Brand

Call on your Instagram followers to post a pic of themselves with your brand’s logo, products or services. Again, use a specific hashtag to filter pictures so you know exactly who and how many are participating. Pick a winner at random and supply them with a t-shirt, hat, or other item, or even a free trial of your products or services.


Blogs are seen as an old-faithful when it comes to user generated content. Not only will you need to supply visitors with high quality and engaging content, but you will also want to initiate conversation. You can do this by leaving open-ended questions at the end of the blog or asking for feedback. Keep in mind, it’s also critical to respond to all and any comments left. This will show that you are on top of customer service and helps to keep the conversation going.


One of the best ways to score user generated content is through Facebook. Create a community around your brand of like-minded people who are likely to purchase your company’s goods. Keep viewers engaged by asking questions, posting polls, and also giving away random freebies.


Everyone wants to feel like they are important. Use this strategy in your consulting campaign by offering exclusive coupons and savings to your internet community.

User generated content is vital for a business’s online brand. But it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to deliver high quality UGC that people will be likely to share.

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