5 Tools Making the Lives of Webmasters Much Easier

As a webmaster, any trick, tool, or reputable short cut is a godsend. There are a lot of tools and apps out there, so how can a person know which one is useful and which is a waste of time? Here’s a look at 5 of the best tools for webmasters guaranteed to make life and work much easier. If only everything in life came with a shortcut manual.

1. CleanCSS

Simply look at the name of this stellar software system, and webmasters breathe a sigh of relief. A clean website is a bug-free website, and installing this software automatically searches for ways to make it even cleaner, even if it looks visually stunning. This helps ensure less maintenance, fewer complaints from clients and speeds up the entire process. It’s like hiring a professional cleaning crew to do a deep clean when moving out of an apartment.

2. Web Source Viewer App

Just enter the URL and instantly see the source code–it’s as simple as that. It’s very basic, but can also be very useful and the best news is that it’s free. Designed for the iPhone, webmasters can download it from the Apple store. This is an absolute must for webmasters who work with a variety of clients and can save time when it comes to fixing easy problems.

3. MobiReady

This software program is a responsive design tool and is constantly updated to include the latest smartphones. More people are going mobile, which means webmasters have to make sure sites are optimized on every single device. Not sure if the new HTC First will display a site correctly? Run it through this software system to make sure everything is on the up and up.

4. PHP and HTML Cheat Sheets App

Knowing the numerous computing languages is definitely a perk for webmasters, but everyone gets a little tongue tied at times. This app is just what it sounds like: a cheat sheet for PHP and HTML, a couple of the most commonly used languages for webmasters. Each app only costs 99 cents, and the HTML one lets webmasters instantly test their code on the spot.

5. JuicyStudio

The website is beautiful, it’s trending, it’s clean…but is it readable? That’s what the JuicyStudio software can check for, and it’s nearly a requirement before publishing a site. If a site isn’t readable, search engine optimization (SEO) can suffer, and it can be challenging to recover from a big mistake. Errors can quickly be fixed well before anything goes live.

Even webmasters need other professionals in their corner, and collaboration with another company can be a great thing. Use the tools that are available and put them to work. Why make things more difficult than necessary?

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