5 Small Ways to Save Big Bucks

keep calm and save

Most business owners must try to save money in any way that they can. Maximizing the funds that a business has available could result in saving enough for a business expansion or corporate retreat at the end of the year. People try a lot of different things to save money for their businesses, but some methods are both simple and highly effective. From renting virtual office space to ordering inexpensive checks, many business owners have learned that small steps can add up to big savings.

Use a Virtual Office

Numerous business owners have discovered the benefits of using a virtual office. Instead of paying a large amount in rent each month, a business can rent space from a company that offers virtual office packages. As Verne Kopytoff explains for Bloomberg Businessweek, business might only need a conference room for two hours at a time, or a cubicle for two weeks every other month; virtual offices allow businesses to have the space when they need it without paying for it when they don’t. In some cases, businesses may customize service packages to fit their needs. A business owner could purchase a package that includes a secure mailing address, a local phone number, and virtual receptionist services only when they are needed.

Hire an Energy Auditor

Businesses are often unaware of how much energy they are actually using. A commercial energy auditor can assess how much energy a business uses, as well as the areas that could easily be improved. An auditor might recommend that a business encourage its employees to turn off lights and computers when they leave their offices each day. A business owner may find that replacing certain equipment and appliances may ultimately save the business hundreds or thousands of dollars each year, a savings that is well worth the initial investment of performing the energy audit.

Purchase Inexpensive Business Checks

Business associates do not typically expect business checks to be elaborate or expensive. As long as it can be cashed without hassle, most employees are not likely to complain about the visual aesthetic that a paycheck provides. Instead of paying the higher fees that many banks charge for checks, a business owner might order inexpensive business checks online. According to the experts, ordering such checks is a safe and easy process when a person is using a reputable company to get them.

Buy Inexpensive Business Cards

Business cards are still a convenient marketing tool. According to Bplans contributor Lisa Furgison, some of the biggest chain retailers may charge fees that are relatively high. Because they often do not need to worry about overhead costs, many online printing stores provide customers with great deals on business cards, as well as any other materials they may need to have printed. By using an online source for printing services, a business could save a significant amount of money.

Save on Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can seem astronomical, so business owners sometimes need to be creative to save on such costs. One suggestion provided by the finance team at Entrepreneur is to pick up items in person whenever possible. By doing this, a small business owner might order regularly from local businesses and avoid shipping costs altogether. Instead of paying high postal fees, a company might delegate certain employees to deliver supplies to local clients.

Running a successful business means making choices that promote cost-efficiency. Some of the best strategies for saving money are easy to implement. By making a few simple changes, a business owner can save a lot of money.


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