5 Simple Home Improvement Ideas for 2014

Your home is your sanctuary, and in 2014, your home can also become more of a space that represents your values and personality. With a little adjustment here and there, you can have the perfect home that speaks volumes about who you are.

Below are five popular home improvement ideas for 2014. These improvement options are simple yet highly resourceful.

1. Change the light

You would be simply amazed by how changing the lights can completely alter the way your home feels, and even your inner emotions. Installing a softer light can make a room feel warm and inviting, and can also be more energy efficient.

Over the coming year, re-evaluate the lighting in each room and decide whether a change would improve the overall look.

2. A new paint job

Another thing your home likely needs for the new year is a fresh coat of paint. Whether you paint one room or the whole interior of the house, this change will give you a new perspective on other aspects of your home as well.

Remember to choose the color based on the rest of your home decor, and not just because the color is your favorite hue. Sometimes choosing your favorite color might not be the best complement to the rest of the home.

3. Minimize the clutter

Getting rid of excess clutter can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your home. If a change in decor is what you desire, minimizing your valuables may actually do the job alone.

You’d be amazed by how different your home can appear with a simple and uncluttered layout.

4. Re-arrange the furniture

Moving couches, chairs, and tables to new positions in a room can have a remarkable effect upon its overall look and feel. You can even change the complete character of each room by moving bedroom furniture, for example, to the room formerly used as the dining room or vice versa.

5. Window treatments

Changing the drapes or blinds can control how much natural light is allowed into a room. Light can draw attention to other aspects of the decor and create a different atmosphere.

Whether you change the color of the drapes or only their size, each change can add a different feel to your home.

The year of 2014 will undoubtedly bring many changes: changes in the economy, changes with jobs, and probably even changes with the weather. Many of these changes may not be warm and comfy, but changing the home interior of your home should prove to be a wonderful and rewarding venture.

For more home furnishing ideas, you might investigate this blog, which addresses everything from bedding and floor coverings to eco-friendly home concepts.

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