5 Great Gift Ideas for the Metrosexual Man

I always struggle to buy gifts for the people in my life. I debate on what to buy and worry if they will like what I pick out. And it can be particularly difficult to buy for guys, and metrosexual guys in particular. For those curious about that term, metrosexual is a word used for a man who takes great pride in his appearance – every aspect of his appearance (skin, hair, nails, muscles, etc). But metrosexuals are “trending” right now, so here’s a little bit of a head start on buying for the metrosexual guys in life.

1. A day at the spa

Let’s be honest – guys love massages too. Because, quite frankly, massages feel really good. Men carry tension in their muscles just like women, and many like to be treated to a luxurious spa day (or date). And don’t forget to throw in mani/pedis – these guys might not get their nails painted, but they sure do need them taken care of properly.

2. Fancy shaving equipment

Almost all guys shave, and metrosexual guys are pretty particular about their face. Cheap razors can be hell on the skin, and they don’t provide a good enough shave. Their are many speciality shaivng stores that sell razors, powders and lathers, and beaver-hair brushes (to apply the powder or lather). They also sell after-shave creams to help protect the skin on the men’s faces post-shave – click here for other ideas.

3. Shoes/Clothes

Metrosexual guys tend to be pretty fashion-forward, and they all have their own styles. When buying for metrosexual guys though, we have to make sure to know their style, which can make getting clothes or shoes a bit of a challenge. This isn’t an easy one and is better suited for those metrosexual guys that we know pretty well.

4. Jewelry

This can be another one that can be tricky, but when in doubt, a nice watch is always a great way to go. Personally, I like a watch that contrasts with the man’s skin tone, but that’s up for some debate. Other man-jewelry ideas include bracelets (leather or metal), bangles (gold or silver), or some nice studs (if their ears are pierced).

5. Accessories

For his gadgets. Metrosexual guys tend to be technologically-savvy and business smart, so getting them a nice accessory for their toys is a great way to go. Things like solar-powered iPad cases that can charge their iPad without wires or a pair of nice headphones that fit with his style are good ideas here.

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