4 Ways to Keep Your Pets Calm During a Move

You’re packing up your boxes and getting ready to make a move. It’s likely that your pets have caught on that something big is up.

They might be sniffing around the moving boxes suspiciously, or hiding due to the noise of furniture getting shifted around. The environment of their old home is changing dramatically, and these activities are probably stressing out your pets.

So how can you keep them calm during the actual move? Here are a few ways to help your pets chill out when you introduce them to a new dwelling.

1. Provide familiar scents

Many animals, most notably dogs and cats, rely heavily on scent to navigate through the world. Being introduced to a new territory can be extremely stressful, partly because it doesn’t feature the familiar scent of home.

This can result in some erratic pet behaviors, such as cats spraying carpets and walls with urine to mark territory. You can reduce pet stress by taking some of their belongings with you to a new dwelling and having them in place before you introduce the animal to the space.

Items that retain old smells might include pet beds, litter boxes, and stuffed toys.

2. Give them attention

Your pets will feel fairly disoriented when they are introduced to a new environment. When you bring them to a new home for the first time, make sure you budget some time to play with them and show them affection.

This will help them form positive associations with the new home. Bring some of their favorite toys and distract them with a few games.

3. Keep pets together

If you have multiple pets at the old home, see if you can relocate everyone at once. A pet that is introduced to a new environment alone can become even more stressed out, if he or she doesn’t have fellow creatures around for support.

Your animals will be more comfortable exploring their new surroundings as a group.

4. Maintain a calm environment

If possible, keep your pets in a separate, quiet room while you’re disassembling furniture and moving boxes. This will minimize their exposure to the chaos of moving.

Hire pros like Chicago movers to get the job done safely and efficiently. Try to keep your animals away from open moving containers and heavy loads, so they won’t get lost or injured.

Moving to a new home can be an exciting if stressful enterprise for you and your pets. You can minimize the strain and disorientation of a new environment by giving your critters lots of attention and access to familiar smells.

Soon enough, they’ll be lounging around the new dwelling and treating it like home.

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