4 Ways to Draw Attention to Your App


The app marketplace has created millions of business avenues for budding developers and creators of content. In the flood of utilities available through Google Play and the iOS App Store, it can seem impossible to distinguish your app from all the rest.

This can be of particular concern if you plan to launch your first app in the near future. Here are some key marketing tips that could prove useful when you release your new app.

1. Promotional prices

Offer supporters and early adopters the option to get their app for free or at a reduced price on a single day. Before you launch the app, make sure your website gives fans the option to connect via email or social media.

These loyal followers can become part of the promo group. Contact them via email and social media and let them know when your app goes on sale. This can motivate people to install your app right away, instead of putting it off.

2. Reviews

Many people are hesitant to download a new app if no reviews exist for it yet. Contact bloggers and tech gurus who might be interested in your app, and see if they would like to review your product in advance of release.

Encourage your friends and family members to try out the app and give feedback through the app marketplace or on their own blogs. These conversations can help new users understand your product and make an informed purchasing decision.

3. Mobile ads

Social media platforms — Facebook in particular — have been creating marketing structures dedicated to helping app companies reach installation goals. Mobile ads can make the download process extremely easy, since users can just click on your advertisement and arrive at your app marketplace page.

Make sure that your app description, title, and screenshots give prospective customers a clear idea of what the software has to offer.

4. Branding in public

While a large portion of your app business will be conducted online, you shouldn’t neglect the potential power of face-to-face meetings. Get creative with your branding.

For example, unique briefcase displays with your app logo can be a conversation starter at events or during your daily commute. Branded accessories can go a long way toward increase the visibility of your app company.

App developers need to be passionate about their goals and mission in order to make a significant impact. You can drive interest in an app by setting up promo campaigns, encouraging reviews, reaching out to mobile users, and using public branding.

These tactics can really help your app team rise above the competition!


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