4 Tips for Training Your Dog

Everyone loves a “good” dog; but the idea of what a good dog is can differ from person to person. Some people just want an animal that is loving and friendly. Some people are seeking a dog that will offer protection and security. While others believe “good” dogs are the sort of obedient animals that must only be “seen and not heard.” While the schools of dog training thought are varied and different, it is commonly understood that training your dog is a necessity to make life easier. Included here are a few tips to integrate when training your own best friend.

Ease Into It

When adopting a dog, you are likely to find they come with a multitude of quirks, cute and otherwise. Some dogs may be hesitant about strangers, or different animals, or even about being outside. Be sure to listen to what your animal needs. Forcing your dog into an uncomfortable situation, even after seeing their apprehension, can lead to being bitten or your dog losing trust in you.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

The most popular method of dog training can be found in positive reinforcement. Most dog owners believe this is the best option as it is simply rewarding your animal for the things it does well. This is as simple as giving your dog a treat for sitting, or coming when called. However, this can be a difficult method to teach if you get a problematic animal that never does anything right.

Offer Correction

Often the most successful dog trainers utilize a little carrot and a little stick. This means your animal should receive some negative consequence for acting out. For example, there is the classic idea that dogs who pee in the house should have their nose rubbed in it, but this is not effective for all owners and some believe it is cruel.

There are many other ways your dog can experience negative consequences for bad behavior. If your dog jumps on the couch, you can put him in his crate as a punishment. Or, if your dog runs out open doors without being given the sign that it is okay, he should be put back in the house and forced to wait.

Offer Love and Reward

When training a dog, it can be easy to get caught up in the negative and feeling like your animal needs to be punished. However, if you fail to give your animal lots of love and encouragement, you can just break their spirit and make them a submissive, timid animal.

Be sure you spend a lot of time cuddling your dog and reinforcing good behavior. Offer treats when they come, offer treats when they lay at your feet, and offer treats when they go the bathroom outside. This will build your relationship and create a more well-behaved companion.

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