4 Places to Focus Your 2015 SEO Strategy


Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are crucial for anyone who markets a business online. In fact, any individual or organization with an online site will need to employ some SEO in order to reach a significant number of people. While online marketing may initially seem confusing to a beginner, many SEO tactics are relatively easy to employ once a person knows which tools and strategies to utilize. In 2015, certain SEO methods may be more relevant than others, and they could therefore be more valuable to online marketers over the course of the next year.

Optimizing for Mobile Users

As Huffington Post contributor Jonathon Long discusses in a blog article, a 2014 prediction that mobile traffic would surpass desktop traffic has proven to be an accurate one. To remain competitive (as well as relevant to the greatest number of consumers), businesses must tailor their websites to meet the needs of people using mobile devices. One way to do that is by using keywords that are shorter than the ones used on sites traditionally accessed via a desktop computer. Another useful tactic is to design or adapt a site to be responsive to mobile devices. An effective way to make a site more mobile-responsive is to use a design that adapts to screens of various sizes, such as employing responsive web design.

Optimizing for Various Browsers

In addition to optimizing for mobile devices, online marketers will need to optimize their sites for various browsers. Users employ an array of browsers when they search online, from Google Chrome to Internet Explorer to Safari and Opera. If a site is only optimized for Chrome, people using other browsers may not see all of the information a particular site displays in the way that the site owner intended. If crucial information is not imparted to site users, a business could lose out on countless sales unnecessarily. The first action to take is to test a site to be sure that all of its information is clearly visible and well designed from assorted browsers. If it is not, then hiring an SEO service to optimize a site could be an ideal strategy.

Using the Most Effective Keywords and Key Phrases

Using the most effective keywords and key phrases is a major aspect of SEO. Circumstances related to search engine rankings change on a continual basis, so marketers must either stay aware of those changing circumstances or hire others to keep them informed. Another option is to use online resources, such as this webinar, to learn about the latest ways to employ key phrases and keywords to attract the right online traffic.

Using Guest Content and Links Appropriately

Links can be useful in building steady traffic, but utilizing them appropriately is essential. Bloggers can create an exchange of content and links, but this should only be done when the links and content are of value to online users. According to Inc. staff writers, site owners should “be choosy about linkers.” Publishing guest content from a site that only exists as a means of producing links is not ultimately a strategy that will work (and in fact, it could inhibit a site from being ranked as high as it otherwise might). Focusing on quality guest content and implementing links judiciously are two of the best ways to benefit from such marketing tools.

Employing proper SEO techniques can greatly improve search rankings and overall sales. By staying aware of changing circumstances, marketers can increase their chances for success. Focusing on certain SEO strategies could enable a business to thrive and grow in 2015.

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