4 Geek Stereotypes to Bust


There are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to geeks that aren’t necessarily true. Blame outdated movies and television shows, but the term “geek chic” is here to stay and it’s founded in some serious reality. If you identify as a geek or nerd, you’ve probably been faced with some long-standing myths yourself. You might even get pigeonholed because you do exhibit some geeky stereotypes. However, it’s time to either address them or totally own them, and it all starts with the right tools:

1. Geeks wear braces

Some do, some don’t, just like anyone else in the general population. The odds that you’ll be blessed with naturally straight, spaced and perfectly aligned teeth and jaw is slim to none. However, geeks can battle this stereotype by opting for Invisalign, colored braces or even porcelain veneers if the issue is more aesthetic than anything else. Katy Perry made colored braces famous in her videos, and you can do the same in real life.

2. You live on Mt. Dew and junk food

Again, some geeks do and some don’t. However, is there anything truly “geekier” than understanding the science behind trends like Paleo and gluten-free? Everyone needs to take care of their body and well-being, and a diet of junk food isn’t doing you any favors. Tap into your hunger for knowledge and start researching the best way of eating for you.

3. Geeks wear glasses

That used to be the case, but these days everyone from the popular kids to celebrities are wearing glasses even when they don’t need them. They’re finally being seen as just another accessory and a fashion statement you can change up as you see fit. Use your glasses as a means of self expression and have a few pair on hand for different events. Of course, if you prefer contacts or getting Lasik, more power to you.

4. They’re into shows like Star Trek and Dr. Who

Thanks to geek love a la The Big Bang Theory, traditionally “geeky” shows and movies have been enjoying a more diverse audience. When it comes to entertainment, simply enjoy what you like regardless of what anyone else thinks. You’ll surely find like minds at midnight screenings, and who says you can’t be into all types of genres? Just a few years ago, the plot of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games would have been geek central but now has mass appeal.


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