4 Business Documents That have Made the Leap from Paper to Digital

If your company hasn’t made the transition to a paperless workplace yet, then you need to catch up with the times. Adjusting to digital record-keeping can save your organization from immense printing, paper, backup, storage, and security costs.

You might be able to downsize your office space, since your file cabinets can be replaced with much smaller servers and hard drives. Check out the four types of business documents that are now being shared, accessed, or edited digitally.

1. Receipts

Many retailers offer their customers the option of getting their receipt via email or text message.

This can be a major benefit to both parties. The business will have less worry about replacing its receipt spools, reduced paper-related costs, and decreased pollution issues.

Also, this gives the firm an opportunity to capture customer information, such as emails, for future relationship management. And your customers won’t have to worry about losing a paper slip, which can lead to major hassles if they have to return or exchange a product.

If you’re interested in making the leap to paperless receipts, then investigate point-of-sale systems that support text message or email receipts.

2. Medical records

Many hospitals and physician offices are adopting electronic medical record (EMR) technology. This enables doctors and nurses to get access to the same records, and at the same time, no matter where they are in the hospital.

These files are less likely to get misplaced during the rush of medical care. And EMR systems help protect these records from unauthorized users, so patient confidentiality is maintained.

3. Contracts

You know those thick employee contracts you signed during the on-boarding process at previous jobs? Now you don’t have to lug around giant contracts anymore.

These correspondences can be sent as PDFs to an employee’s email. From there, the employee can use an eSignature web app to apply a legally binding signature to the document. The completed contract is then emailed to both parties.

4. Construction plans

Managing building plans, fire safety, and zoning protocols was a major headache for businesses when they used paper. Solutions such as Avolve Software allow you to manage these documents electronically, so your organization can swiftly access, view, and make changes to digital building plans.

Start saving money and time by converting your office documents to digital format. Since most companies are rapidly adopting computers and mobile devices, endless hardware and software solutions can be tailored to your organization’s needs to keep it fully responsive to its partners, vendors, and clients.

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