3 Ways to Get Your Dream Tech Job

The future job market is sure to be saturated with jobs in information technology. These days IT can be found in almost every sector, from sports and music to banking as well as the major IT vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, and Juniper. IT has become a vital component of everyday life and presents endless opportunities for growth in the job sector. Careers in IT can involve working with code and programming, improving software functionality, communication and network support, diagnosing and resolving technical faults, creating and implementing new software solutions, design and maintenance of websites, and much more.

Quality jobs in the IT sector are plentiful, offering not just variety and the right amount of challenge, but often relaxed work environments and very competitive salaries. However, according to Dennis Yang, president and COO of Udemy, 42% of employers believe candidates are unprepared for the job market. Anyone hoping to break into the IT industry and go to work for a major IT vendor would do well to close the apparent skill gap that’s prevalent among young people seeking jobs in the field.

Survey the Field, Gain Experience, and Get Certified

One of the most important steps in getting the skills needed for a job is to survey the field and find out what the major IT companies are looking for in job candidates. Completing a degree in a related subject matter at an accredited university is, of course, one of the best ways to begin, but there are a number of certification options outside of this that should also be looked into. Industry leaders like Microsoft, CompTIA, and Cisco themselves even offer certification options for beginners looking to get into the field. Spending some time in one of these certification programs or completing an internship or apprenticeship at an IT company can give job candidates just the right amount of on-the-job experience to land their dream IT job with an industry leader.

Self-Education and Online Sources

Getting certified doesn’t necessarily have to take place in a traditional classroom setting. Anyone willing to spend some time searching online can easily find a wealth of educational resources awaiting their attention. Finding tutorials in coding, design, and the use of a variety of software is simpler now than it has ever been before. Not only do many websites offer written materials, but many also offer easy-to-follow video tutorials that provide in-depth IT training that people can complete at their own pace.

Almost any skill that is necessary for IT jobs can be found online, says CBTNuggets, and many companies even use this type of self-paced education to offer classes not just to new job placements, but also to seasoned employees. Keeping up with what’s happening in the tech industry is also an essential part of the education process, and in a field that changes as quickly as IT, this labor never ceases. The internet is the database for all the ins and outs of the industry and delving into tech news can help prospective employees stay savvy and keep their fingers on the pulse of what the next big thing might be.

Start at the Bottom and Work Up

Landing a job in IT won’t necessarily mean that it is the perfect job right out of the gate, but that’s hardly ever the case when it comes to the job field. Prospective employees in the tech industry need to work hard and start from the ground up. If getting a foot in the door at a major IT firm means working at the bottom of the food chain and then being able to climb up the ladder once a little more experience has been gained, it will be well worth it. At an expected growth rate of 20% through 2020, according to Patrick Thibodeau writing for ComputerWorld, the tech industry will have a great need for quality and qualified individuals to take jobs in the growing mobile, communications, and networking sectors.


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