2014 Home Improvement Trends

As the economy slowly improves, so does the housing buying industry. Contractors have also seen an increase in the number clients desiring to make general home improvements or renovations inside and out. The majority of homeowners are interested in enhancing the efficiency, functionality or expand the space in a room, multiple rooms or an entire home.


Whether living in an existing home or recently acquiring a home, many families are taking advantage of the space provided in smaller residents by making renovations. The unused space of extra rooms might serve as dens, home offices, hobby spaces or play rooms for children. Additional cabinetry might provide more storage or hide electronic equipment, electrical outlets and wiring.

Kitchen Expansions

One of the most common improvements involves extending kitchen space by removing an existing wall between a kitchen and a neighboring room, which is often a general living area. This action provides the homeowner with more overall room and dramatically alters the appearance. In this way, a floor plan allows for an island that might be used for extra cooking space, storage or dining. Another popular improvement in this zone includes the installation of hardwood flooring. The flooring spans from the kitchen into the living area, which provides a sense of continuity between the two rooms.

Combining Modern and Retro

Another trend in recent years entails mixing old and new decor concepts. A combination of antique, vintage or other historic items used in the same room that features the most up-to-date appliances or furnishings makes for an interesting scene. Stainless steel appliances might accompany an old farmhouse sink, wood burning stove or antique light fixtures. Add window shutters to complement other wood features. Implementing recycled building materials is another frequent choice.

Going Green

Environmentally conscious homeowners may remodel a domicile to become more eco-friendly. Instead of buying new furnishings, for example, creative owners may choose to reupholster items to match a newly renovated decor. Automated HVAC systems function more efficiently while helping to save money on energy costs. LED lighting is now possible in virtually every room of a home and comes in a variety of colors and options that include recessed fixtures. Changing out conventional shower heads prevents waste and expense. Door and window replacements not only help conserve energy and money, but also enhance a home’s appearance.

The Holoroom

The lab that serves the popular Lowe’s home improvement centers recently introduced DIY enthusiasts to the one-of-a-kind Holoroom. Not unlike the “holodeck” often seen on the Star Trek TV shows, the unique technology enables homeowners to visualize improvements and renovations in three dimensions using a combination of a specially designed room and an iPad-like device.

The process begins at a kiosk where consumers choose the design and decor of a room. They then enter the room and using the iPad, see the room with the choices applied. The technology also allows for alterations while in the space. For now, the holoroom allows clients to test bathroom remodels. Eventually, Lowe’s plans to add other rooms and products to the list of options.

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