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Almost daily, the news is filled with stories of inappropriate student teacher contact. It is something that frightens most parents when it comes to sending their children to school. The New York Daily News just reported that 3 teachers and 2 administrators have been arrested. Three teachers had inappropriate sexual contact with students and the 2 administrators that knew covered it up. For parents, it seems as if this type of news has become common behavior. It also leaves parents without much trust for those that are instructing their children.

When parents notice their child is having trouble in school, some are hesitant to allow their child to stay after school and work with a teacher, afraid there will be something inappropriate going on. Rather than allow them to stay afterschool, many parents are turning to private tutors to help students make sense of their lessons.

As parents begin to hire these tutors, they are finding they like the control this allows them. They are able to pick a tutor they are comfortable with. They like that the tutor is able to report directly to them without a lot of fuss and hassle. They also are finding that it’s a little harder than they thought to hire a private tutor. There are some common pitfalls that parents can avoid when it comes to hiring a tutor.

How to Do It

When it comes to hiring a private tutor, parents can never be too careful. Just as students succumb to the wiles of veteran teachers every day, they could fall under the charms of a tutor. With the right tutor, parents don’t have that fear. To find the right tutor, parents need to ask:

  1. Why does my child need a tutor? What is the goal? Having that mission in mind will help parents remember what they are doing and not get sidetracked by idle conversation.
  2. Decide if they want their child to work with a male or female tutor? Children sometimes have better reactions to different people or a particular sex in a one on one situation. It’s important that children are able to feel comfortable with their tutor and able to communicate.
  3. Ask for recommendations of other parents and trusted teachers. There are some parents that have done this before and have tutors they highly recommend. Teachers also have information on trustworthy tutors they have worked with as well.
  4. Interview the tutor and trust your instinct. There is nothing like getting to know the tutor and understanding what they have to offer your child.
  5. Ask for credentials and references. This is what will help a parent decide if a particular tutor has what it takes to teach a child. They should have credentials in the subject the student needs help with and a proven track record of helping other students.
  6. Require a background check. When it comes to tutoring, a parent can’t be too careful. Having a tutor come into the home and be around vulnerable children is serious business and parents should know what type of person they are allowing into their home.

Although the news is filled with such disheartening news such as the things that have happened with the teachers and administrators at Triton Regional High School, there are still great teachers and tutors that are dedicated to helping their students. It’s hard for a parent to reach out to someone to give their children additional help but it can be done. It’s worth the effort to see children succeed in a subject they have struggled with.

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