You Want a Massage? Tweet It!

You’ve decided a massage is something you’d like to try. Millions of other people certainly enjoy and even depend on them for good health. But how to go about finding one, you might wonder.

There’s a new approach to finding anything you want. It’s called Twitter. It’s time to tweet to get what you’re looking for! Here’s some tips on how to tweet to get the best possible massage.

1. Ask about specials

Massage has become a competitive industry, and that can benefit consumers like you. If you subscribe to offer services like Groupon, Google Offers, or any of those types of newsletters, you know it’s quite common for first-time customers to get a steeply discounted service, because the business hopes to gain your long-term repeat business.

With that in mind, a great tweet might be, “Anybody know of massage specials? I really need one!” When the replies come trickling in (or flooding in), you’ll have your pick of the best option! And if the replies say something along the lines of “no, I haven’t seen anything lately,” then make sure your friends know you’re always looking. They’ll keep an eye out for you.

2. Ask for massage advice

People love to give advice, especially any professional massage therapists who might be monitoring Twitter, and looking for leads, or simply watching for the followers that respond to solid advice in the Twitter forum. An excellent tweet in this instance might be: “What type of massage do you think is the most stress-relieving?”

Or you might type: “What do you think about hot stone massages, versus hot oil massages? Which is best?”

Either of those questions will likely incite responses from many people who would love to share their experiences of both types of massage, or perhaps talk about another type altogether. And professional massage therapists might chime in as well, to make a case for their favorite methods of stress relief.

3. Ask about the health benefits

Another great tweet might be: “Anybody get regular massages? What are the health benefits of ongoing massages?” You’re sure to receive several replies back, due to the popularity of massage therapy. People love to talk about things that make them feel good.

So when those people reply to your tweet, follow up and ask them who their favorite masseur or masseuse is. Then go get your massage!

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