Women Who Are Successful Business Executives


According to a recent report from CNN, more women develop businesses and have companies that are more financially lucrative than their male counterparts. BNP Paribas and Scorpio Partnership evaluated more than 2,500 entrepreneurial individuals by global survey.

Respondents hailed from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. The researchers had a particular interest in business owners worth $2 million or more. The survey revealed that women, on average, start close to five companies. Men launched little more than four. Women also enjoyed almost one million dollars more in revenue annually. Coming from a family history of business was common in both genders. However, this trait was more often seen in countries other than the U.S. countries. Addicted 2 Success also recently reported on the top most influential women on the planet.

1) Cher Wang

Ms. Wang is probably the most successful female entrepreneur in the world. She started out manufacturing cells phones for other companies. Wang earned enough money to establish her own company known as HTC. Recognition of her products grew and by 2010, she cornered 20 percent of the market. Unlike some who may have had a leg up from a family business, this lady started at the bottom and worked her way to the top.

2) Oprah Winfrey

With an estimated worth of almost $3 billion, Winfrey made a name for herself with a TV talk show that regularly featured relevant content and celebrity guests. From the small screen, she won starring roles in a variety of movies, established a magazine and now has her own network. In an effort to make the world a better place for others, Oprah founded a girl’s school in Africa and is well-known for treating audience members to items on a list of her favorite things.

3) Angela Merkel

Originally a research chemist, Merkel entered the political arena in 2005 when she became the first female Chancellor of Germany. She had a significant role in negotiating the Berlin Declaration and Treaty of Lisbon. As chancellor, Merkel also worked to improve transatlantic economic relations and helped resolve the European financial crisis. As one of the leaders of her country, her influence will undoubtedly become historic.

4) Indra Nooyi

Though born in India, Nooyi has served as executive in many influential world companies. Initially, she obtained degrees in chemistry, math and physics before earning an MBA in management and a graduate degree in Public and Private Management. She currently serves as the chairwoman and CEO of Pepsico.

5) Melinda Gates

Though her husband is more well-known and earned the family’s wealth, Mrs. Gates was instrumental in encouraging Bill Gates to work with her to establish a charitable organization. To date, the couple has generously shared their income with various charities to the tune of $27 billion.

6) Susan Wojcicki

With a Masters in Economics from the University of California and an MBA from UCLA, Wojciciki became Google’s first marketing manager one year after the company’s development. She was eventually promoted to Senior Vice President of Advertising & Commerce and was responsible for developing AdSense, which provided the company with the second greatest revenue. She currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of YouTube.

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