Why You Need the 8 Hours of Sleep Consistently


People have found a way to steal an hour or two from their daily sleep. They do this by going to the club with friends, reading a favorite novel, watching a movie or by going to social media. This is means that you end up getting less sleep than recommended, which can lead to sleep deprivation.

You need between 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. You might think that an hour less than the recommended sleeping time is fine with you, but you are wrong. This is because consistent lack of sleep night after night leads to impairments in your health, the way you behave, and how you relate to others. Here are some effects of sleep deprivation.

Increases the Risk of Developing Psychiatric Disorders

One of the complications of long-term sleep deprivation is the inability to react to stress the right way. This can increase the risk of developing mental disorders. One of the common disorders seen in sleep-deprived victims is clinical depression. This is because lack of sleep can wear you out mentally and makes you susceptible to developing symptoms of depression. Anxiety disorders are also common.

Developing psychiatric conditions come with a risk of drug abuse. Anxiety disorders make you turn to substance abuse for help. You end up relying on sleep medication, which can become a big problem with its own related risks.

Reduces Performance

Lack of enough sleep can lead to decreased performance and concentration. Your problem-solving abilities are lowest when you are trying to operate on little or no sleep. This clouds your judgment. This can affect vital areas of your life, which include:

• Poor concentration at work. This can lead to problems at your place of work, or loss of your job in case it persists.

• Sleeping behind the wheel becomes more likely, which can lead to accidents.

• You are at risk of workplace accidents, especially if you operate dangerous machinery.

Poor Social Life

If you are tired all the time, you won’t find enjoyment in your life. You won’t want to do anything with your friends or colleagues. This means you might not be able to maintain a meaningful social life due to low energy levels.

It Weakens Your Immune System

When you are sick, one of the concerns by the doctor is enough rest. This is because enough bed rest allows your immune system to do its work. When you rest, your immune system gets a boost, which keeps you healthy all the time. However, when you have a poor immunity, you become vulnerable to diseases.

What is the Solution to Sleeplessness?

You need to find a way to get enough sleep each night. If you find yourself losing sleep yet you are in bed, you could follow some proven tips to get peaceful sleep for the recommended hours each night. Getting enough sleep is paramount to your health as well as the happiness of the people around you.


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