When Geek Meets Chic

Perhaps The Big Bang Theory is to blame, but these days geek and chic go hand in hand. Women (even of the traditionally non-geek variety) are branching out and finally realizing just what geek men bring to the table, and brainy women with geek leanings are snatching up their dream men left and right. This is chemistry, but there can still be a learning curve. How can you ensure your geek-chic duo won’t clash?

Just like any other type of relationship, making a real effort to understand and enjoy each other’s interests is important. Maybe your geeky girlfriend has a penchant for creating cosplay outfits with yards of tulle, or your boyfriend waits all year for ComicCon. Being open minded and accepting is a pillar for any healthy relationship, particularly when geeks are involved.

Opposites attract?

This saying has critics and adorers alike, but the reality is that too much sameness or too much disparity can spell trouble. Ideally, couples share core beliefs that really matter (such as religion) but also have hobbies and passions of their own. As long as there aren’t dealbreaker differences, geek-chic pairings can be perfection. Plus, you’ll both be introduced to a brand new world.

However, there’s also a pitfall of this type of relationship that some people don’t see coming: One person might feel like they’re doing the other a favor. This might be from the non-geek who thinks they’re settling in the looks/style department or from the geek side who think they could have ended up with someone smarter had they swapped beauty for brains. Appreciating your partner is paramount.

Explore the possibilities

If the relationship passes the minimal barriers, now it’s time to settle in for what might be the most exciting trip of your life. By getting together with someone with totally different interests, perspectives and backgrounds, you’re able to learn not just about the world around you but more about yourself. While you don’t both need to delve deep into one another’s hobbies, it’s important to dabble and share so you have context for conversation.

Soon, you’ll be the master of gift giving, knowing exactly which action figure they need or handbag they’ve been eyeing. Exploration is one of the greatest parts of a relationship, and with geek-chic couples there are limitless possibilities. Ask questions, show a genuine interest and don’t be afraid of getting into new territory. That’s the most exciting part.


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