When And Where You Should Be Using SEO

SEO isn’t just for your blog. Yes, blogging is where you hear the most about it, and you definitely need to focus on SEO and keyword content on your blog content, but there are other places you should be using it when it comes to online writing and online content. In fact, your entire blog can benefit from SEO, and so can your social media.

When should you use SEO? Well, if you are using it properly you should be using it at least once every 100 words you write. Here are some details for each place you may want to be using SEO.

Online Articles

Just like in your blog posts, your articles posted on other prominent sites on the internet can benefit from the use of SEO. Keywords help people find your articles, so it’s helpful to use them any chance you get.

What is the main idea of your article? If you are going to use SEO on a website that you don’t own, you want to make sure that it doesn’t sound spammy, or you may find yourself with one last place to post what you want to say. Quality content is important for a business, no matter where that content is going.

Web Pages

While it’s important to make sure that you are writing for the people that will be reading the pages of your website, you also want to utilize those keywords that you want your website to be found for. That’s why it can be useful to utilize them on your about pages, title pages, and everywhere else.

You don’t have to use the same keywords on each page, and you definitely want to make sure that when you do use them they make complete sense and don’t sound like a spam advertisement.

Social Media

While SEO on social media might not do a lot for you, now that people can search for posts by terms and keywords, using them when you share a link to a new blog post, or to your latest article on Forbes, it will make it more visible to people searching those particular search words!

Online Ads

If you do online advertising, or advertorials, include those important keywords so that your ads show up for those search terms. The more people find your business, the more people will make it to your website. which could mean more sales!

Take some time to look into what words people are searching for revolving around your particular business. You want to use terms that people really do use, or you still won’t be found.

Remember, SEO is about more than just keywords, it’s also about posting quality content, sharing links, and more. You want to give people something great and interesting to read, while working hard toward making sure they can actually find you!

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