What You Wish e-Tailers Knew About Geek Life

Every demographic is different and geek is definitely a niche that not all retailers and e-tailers “get.” Of course, this can be disappointing for geeks on a shopping spree, but you know how to do the research to find the companies that are suited for you. However, there have probably been times when you wished more retailers understood you as a customer and catered to your needs. After all, NewEgg doesn’t always have everything that’s on your list.

By using the right management tools and software, more retailers would be able to step up to the plate, so why don’t they? Simply put, it’s probably a lack of initiative and a lack of knowledge. Both the retailer and you have the same goals: To best match you with products and services. Here’s what retailers could be doing better (and hopefully will be soon) to please you.

1. There are many types of geeks

Dear eBay, just because you searched for that one Star Wars toy doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be really into Game of Thrones. Okay, maybe both are pretty awesome, but they have nothing in common besides the fact that “geeks” like them. This is a diverse demographic and that’s like assuming someone who shopped for dog food on Amazon needs a recommendation for a fish terrarium, too.

2. You actually do have a good sense of humor

You’ve probably been to a site where it seems like the humor gear was patronizing or just downright stupid. Everyone has a different sense of humor, but it sometimes seems like the geek wear just tries a little too hard. Smart wit and the occasional truly funny pun can go a long way.

3. You won’t pay any price for anything

Sometimes it seems like the marketing meetings go like this: “Geeks are really smart so they must make a lot of money and that means a whole lot of disposable income, so we can charge whatever we want.” Sorry, no. Intelligence doesn’t automatically equate to a lucrative job or geekdom for that matter. There are plenty of not so bright geeks either 1) not making much money at all or 2) really not being that bright (contrary to popular belief, going to Comic-Con every year does not a genius make).

4. There’s a fine line between real geeks and posers

Geeks are cool now, so you can probably sell just about anything to the right market. However, real geeks will take offense to your catering to the posers. Choose your market carefully.

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