What You Need to Know if You Want to Work With Computers

These days, computers still offer the best path to a rewarding career.  More and more young people are either pursuing computer-related careers directly or inflecting another career path with a healthy dose of computer-related education.  At the same time an increasing number of working professionals are understanding that computer training can make them more promotable in their existing career path – or that it’s worth it to switch to a career in computers.

There are a few things that anybody who wants to work with computers should know, regardless of what area you’re interested in or where in the world you live.  Knowing these things can help you to make the right decisions that will make your career more successful and more satisfying.

Train for Gain

Because technology is always changing, a career in computers is full of opportunities for incremental advancement.  Usually, those opportunities come because there is a new technology to master or because the company you work for is creating a new internal or external product.

That means that you don’t have to learn everything before you start.  The ability to learn new information quickly is more valuable than possessing a body of knowledge, since today’s computer knowledge will be obsolete tomorrow.

Don’t Waste Training Money

There’s nothing wrong with getting a degree in computer science from a well-respected university.  Pursuing a traditional education affords a student the opportunity to gain broad knowledge, to network with students and faculty, and to have the valuable college experience.

But it is also possible to get your computer education while you’re already working in the field by progressively gaining certifications.  Online training institutes like Upper Training (www.uppertraining.com) can deliver knowledge when you need it.  That makes the process of educating yourself more reflexive to real-world situations and opportunities.

Know Global

Technology is global.  Whether you’re an up-and-comer in Mumbai or a teenage tech whiz in Hoboken, once you begin a career in computers you enter the most international workforce in the history of the world.  Many tech companies are multinational.  Even more outsource to the developing world.  International business means international competition, across language barriers, cultural divides, and the differences between economies.

Specializing is Good

Tech work tends to happen in team environments, so HR is more interested in hiring someone who has real expertise in a particular area than someone who has broad knowledge without real expertise.  A specialist can always bring his or her talents to a project in a meaningful way, but someone who knows a little about a lot won’t be as effective.

Customers Matter

Tech development doesn’t happen in a vacuum anymore.  It’s not just about what’s cool or super-efficient.  It’s about what customers and clients need.  Regardless of whether your career in computers begins as a specialist troubleshooter at Intel or as a retail employee at Radio Shack, always remember to keep room in your mind for your customers’ expressed needs and wants.

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