Volunteers Absorb Culture and Help India

Volunteering to help the impoverished people of this world is gratifying and rewarding. You can travel to the four corners of the world and discover people in need of housing, food, and education.  volunteerindia

Some of the world’s largest population centers are overrun by poverty, disease, and crime. Providing hope takes only determination and a commitment.

India is the second most populated country in the world, with more than 1.2 billion people. Despite being a major superpower, the country is not economically developed to the extent of some of its neighbors. Much of population of rural India is relegated to living below accepted poverty levels.

The number is staggering, according to studies by the World Bank, which monitors poverty around the globe. More than 240 million Indians living in rural areas are impoverished. More than 72 million in urban settings live in poverty, as well.

There’s plenty of opportunity for volunteers in India. In addition to the general poverty, mortality rates for children are among the highest in the world. Many of the children who do survive to school age lack a thorough understanding of their plight and basic educational needs, according to Volunteer in India.

India’s history is rich in tradition and the culture is diverse. Hindi and English are the main languages. Many other languages are spoken in India, but volunteers can be certain the language of help is universal and their efforts will be worthwhile.

Volunteer experience

Because of India’s solemn and dedicated approach to religion, volunteer experiences are carefully chosen so as not to impinge on spiritual beliefs. Volunteers will work close to some religious, iconic locations and have a chance to understand the significance of the culture fully.

For the most part, Volunteer in India workers will get a first-hand look at what it’s like to live where they work because most will live with families and not in volunteer apartments or hotels. You can expect a thorough orientation, and to take field trips with sightseeing stops.

You won’t be alone because specially selected coordinators will be there for guidance, advice, and help whenever you need them.

Learning the culture

Understanding and relating to India’s culture gives volunteers a special relationship to the people and country they’re trying to help. According to Volunteer in India, the program includes taking part in local festivals and activities.

Volunteers can expect to learn about traditional dancing and cooking. Immersing yourself in the culture can be extremely rewarding and inspiring.

Make a difference

Volunteer in India oversees more than a handful of programs. Opportunities await volunteers to do something productive: help rebuild a community, or teach in a school, and lay the foundation for further education opportunities.

More than 11 million children are abandoned and orphanages are overcrowded. Take the plunge and become a role model.

Other programs involve support for women, medical opportunities, and special education. India faces some difficult challenges as the 21st century unfolds.

Besides overcrowding, poverty, and illiteracy, other issues affect millions. Through the many volunteer programs offered around the world, there is hope that we can make a dent in the country’s problems.

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