Upgrade Your Home With Air Quality Control

Home improvements aren’t just about painting or updating old plumbing. Homeowners are finding creative ways to make their indoors more appealing to buyers, especially with the environment and pollution becoming greater concerns.

Because many people stay indoors for much of the day, indoor air quality is something we all need to pay greater attention to. You can make several indoor improvements to freshen the air and entice potential buyers to bid. They’ll appreciate fresh breathing air for themselves and their family.

Swap out that air filter

Air-conditioning units use an internal filter to stop particulates from dispersing through the ducts. Ideally, the filters should be replaced every month on a system used consistently.

Many homeowners fail to renew the filter at all, which creates more dust in the home. Replace your air filter with a reusable one. Though more expensive to purchase initially, these filters are easily rinsed, dried, and reattached to the central air system for clean indoor air.

Because there’s no cost to clean the filter, you may be more inclined to care for the system more often to impress potential buyers.

Try natural air fresheners

Stop purchasing those chemical-laced air fresheners and use indoor plants. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, which improves indoor air quality significantly.

Plants are also known to remove some contaminants from the air, including formaldehyde. Allergy- and asthma-sufferers benefit greatly from indoor plants that are simply foliage.

On the other hand, don’t fill your home with flowering plants that emit pollen. Select shade plants that have interesting leaves instead.

Consider new flooring

Although carpet feels comfortable on bare feet, it also holds many pollutants and hides dust or debris. Consider new flooring as a home improvement that also improves indoor air.

Try laminate, tile, or hardwood for your main living space. Soften the floor with rugs. They are easily laundered, which will keep dust and pollutants to a minimum.

You can also update your flooring’s look with different colored rugs during various seasons. Buyers will appreciate this detail.

Install central vacuum

Vacuuming the home is supposed to lower dust and allergens, but many older cleaners don’t filter the air as well as modern machines. Consider adding a central vacuum.

These machines attach to a wall in a garage or basement. In each room is a hose that attaches to the central vacuum system. Homeowners simply vacuum each room with the nearby hose.

Any dust that’s kicked up is sent to the remote vacuum and filtered through a HEPA filter. The home doesn’t have much dust moved around and vacuuming is much easier. Indoor air quality improves greatly and buyers will marvel at the easy vacuuming machine in the potential new home.

Add a dehumidifier or humidifier to your central air

Controlling the moisture in your home reduces mold buildup. Mold, especially harmful black mold, releases spores that can sicken certain people.

Adding a dehumidifier or humidifier to the central air system keeps the air at a consistent and comfortable moisture level. Consider the local climate before adding this home improvement.

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