Upcoming Tech Events in Seattle in 2016

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According to the Stita Company, with so many tech companies in the area, it’s no surprise that Seattle is home to an ongoing stream of exciting tech events. 2016 has much to offer in terms of tech conferences, festivals, and summits. If you’re looking for events in Seattle related to the tech industry in the upcoming year, you won’t be disappointed.

DevOps Days

You may want to visit DevOps Days on May 12 and 13 at the Sheraton Seattle. Attendees will have opportunities to explore development and operations, QA, leadership, and management at this event.

Extreme Futures Technology Fest

Extreme Futures Technology Fest is another tech conference scheduled in May (May 14 at Surf Incubator). The primary focus at this conference will be emerging trends in technology. Another area of focus will be how technology impacts and changes us as a society. Topics on the agenda include artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and bio-engineering.

Machine Learning Conference SEA

The Machine Learning Conference SEA will be held on May 20 at the Columbia Tower Club. This conference hosts leaders in data science and machine learning.

 eCommerce Innovation Summit

The eCommerce Innovation Summit is to be held on May 25 and 26 at the Sheraton Seattle. Successful eCommerce strategies will be discussed. Other tech-related topics on the agenda include digital operations, online payments, online retail, and online marketing.


Talent42 will be held at the Bell Harbor Conference Center on June 7 and 8. This is a recruiting conference for the tech industry. Participants may also attend mini-training sessions.

Global Humanitarian Technology Conference

The Global Humanitarian Technology Conference is scheduled for October 13 through October 16. The venue details will likely be available online closer to the date of the event. One of the objectives for this conference is to attract young individuals to the fields of technology, science, and engineering.

Seattle Interactive Conference

You can attend the Seattle Interactive Conference on October 18 and 19 at the Washington State Convention Center. This promises to be an exciting event, where attendees will have a chance to connect with the leaders of some of the top companies in the area.  

No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium

The No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium is to take place on October 28 through October 30 (the venue and additional details will be made available online within eight weeks of the scheduled dates). You may be reasonably sure that some of the latest tech issues and concepts will be up for discussion at this conference.

Seattle is home to some of the top tech companies in the world. That is why you can be sure to find an array of tech events in the city in any given year – and 2016 is no different. The world of technology is continually evolving, and attending Seattle’s tech conferences will help you to stay informed on the latest trends and developments.

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