Top Viral Marketing Videos and Why They Succeed

Viral marketing is an excellent tool for advertising goods or services while making a memorable statement. Done properly, this form of media attracts audiences, increases demand and sales. Explore the success of the most popular video advertisements and learn about the components that help create a productive campaign.

The Blair Witch Project

Though costing only $350,000 to create, the movie ultimately made nearly ten times that amount in gross profits. Many believe that the promotions surrounding the movie played a large role in drawing audiences to theaters. In addition to the theatrical trailers released, the website also featured story details and established a forum that led people believe the incident was authentic.


Famed producer F. Ridley Scott combined forces with the automotive manufacturer to create a short film that starred one of the company’s elite vehicles. Directed by Guy Richie, the video combines the elements of action, danger, heroism and intrigue. Along with a BMW auto, the film offered the talents of a number of famous faces that included Clive Owen, Don Cheadle and Ray Liotta. The film was viewed by 11 million people. Without ever mentioning the company, BMW also reported that the effort increased sales by 12 percent.

John West Salmon

Humor serves to make a memorable presentation and the British salmon video is no exception. Additionally, the tagline “John West will do the worst to bring you the best,” was designed to stay in the mind of viewers. The amusing scene of a man sparring with and defeating a bear over a fresh salmon enjoyed an audience of 300 million people worldwide.


Shock value is another means of creating content that audiences may long remember. The video does not openly discuss the product, but instead drives home the point that life is too short and must be enjoyed. At the end, the company briefly presents its iconic logo. Though not widely accepted as appropriate, Microsoft succeeded in catching attention.

Agent Provocateur

A picture replaces a thousand words. In this instance, an erotic video starring Kylie Minogue wearing the sexy lingerie more than capably conveys the meaning of provocative.

Kraft Cheesy Videos

A micro site on the Kraft website enabled consumers to create their own version of a 20 second video to represent the popular side dish. The idea quickly gained the attention and favor of both children and parents. The company also discovered that thanks in part to the experience, visitors began spending more than 30 minutes on Kraft pages. The campaign served to firmly establish the company’s online presence.

Berlitz Language School

Combining humor with an element of misinterpretation, the Berlitz school introduced this super short video that paved the way for the facility to become the most popular institution for acquiring a second language.

Carlton Draught

The well-known Australian beer brewery presented a live-action epic video that adds elements of animation to bring audience attention to their draught beer. During the first 24 hours after the release, 162,000 people watched the humorous display. Within two weeks, the video had more than one million viewers.


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