Top Five Most Expensive Planes

Anyone who travels by plane can tell you what is on their mind when they purchase a plane ticket: Did they use the best mile credit card, will using their Delta credit card give them the most amount of points for free airfare and upgrades, and how much did the person pay who is sitting next to me on this flight. What most frequent flyers rarely think of is how expensive and luxurious their airplane experience can be, and even if there is a difference between a Boeing jumbo jet or a McDonnell Douglas plane. Here for everyone’s reading amusement, are the five most expensive ways to fly in style:

1)     Lufthansa’s A380 Airbus Luxury Cabin

The Airbus A380 is one of the largest planes in the world, and in some cases, the most luxurious. Passengers are treated to leather seating, full size beds, flat screen televisions, and of course, the service that comes with such fancy seating, such as personal butlers and gourmet food.

2)     US Airways Envoy Suites

Primarily found on A330 planes, the US Airways Envoy Suites are well suited for the longest of flights. Featuring 110-volt plug ins (which really should be featured on any flight longer than 3 hours) and USB connections (see previous paragraphed point), as well as movie and music access for the entire length of the flight. When passengers get tired, they can recline fully to take a nap. Interested flyers can take a tour of these elegant airways by clicking here.

3)     Diamond First Class from Eithad Airways

Eithad Airways touts itself as the official airline of the United Arab Emirate, and with good reason. Passengers flying around the Arabian Peninsula in Diamond First Class enjoy a full size bed, Ferrari inspired leather seating WITH massage, and of course, your personal chef if you get the munchies. Full connectivity, a mini-bar, and a changing area complete your in-flight comforts, and can be seen here.

4)     Jet Airways Private Cabins

Flying in India took a great leap forward when they introduced their private cabins, according to the London Evening Standard. Featuring 26 square foot cabins and 83” beds (the longest in the industry), these amazing skybound mini apartments feature an astounding array of both music and movies, which can be watched on the 23” flat screen. With dining space for two, passengers can get dinner and a movie, as wash it down with some Dom Perignon.

5)     Lufthansa 1st class cabins

Lufthansa takes both first and last place in this top five most expensive planes, featuring bigger bathrooms, better multimedia systems, and of course, a full size bed, basically a bigger, better counterpart to normal first class travel.

Of course, these expensive airplane seats are more likely found on longer trips and bigger planes, so regular business and first class passengers rarely get to see this type of luxury. But for a few dollars more, they certainly seem well worth it.

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