Top 5 WiFi Hotspots in San Francisco

In the never-ending quest for free internet, San Francisco residents have thousands of options.  In this densely populated city, it seems like there is a coffee shop on every corner and wifi in every bar.  Even with all these spots to plug into free wifi, people still find fierce competition for outlets, cramped seating, and worst of all offensively slow speeds.  Some locations are generous and allow unlimited wifi, others will rudely tell you to leave after a short period of time.

All wifi hotspots are not created equal, and it is hard to know without experience.  That is why we have outlined the top five wifi hotspots in San Francisco.  These spots are all-around all-stars.  Seating, speeds, power outlets, vibe, view, price of products, and location are all factors we have considered.

  1. Apollo Coffee and Wine Bar:  This beautiful coffee shop is highly rated on all fronts and is one of San Francisco’s favorite spots.  Located on Divisidero and Turk Street, this shop is centrally located.  The wifi is free, there are plenty of outlets, and the shop is open seven days a week.  Guests rant and rave about the premium espresso and appreciate the option of beer and wine.
  2. Blue Danube Coffee House:  Located in the Richmond district, this boho coffee house has a loyal following.  It is a cozy shop, perfect for doing writing or reviewing work in a pleasant atmosphere.  They do not offer free wifi, but that is okay by what their fans say. 24 hours of internet access is only $5.  The fee keeps freeloaders away and allows people who need it to get work done.  Best of all, the Blue Danube serve delicious food like  gourmet French toast and artisan sandwiches.
  3. Café Capricio:  This swanky café is located near the warfs and the financial district.  The European inspired environment is enhanced by comfortable seating and really good coffee.  Café Capricio offers free wifi and a menu of light cuisine.  Most notable are the pastries.  Locals enjoy snacking on flaky croissants while surfing the web or getting some work done.
  4. Café La Taza:  There are three locations throughout the city to enjoy free wifi.  There is one in the Mission district, Union Square, and the Castro district.  In addition, all three locations boast impressive Latin-American influenced menus that their customers adore.  The prices are reasonable and the environment is quiet, for the most part.
  5. Nanni’s Coffee:  Light cuisine at great prices, free wifi, and Ethiopian yergacheffe coffee, what more could you ask for?  Nanni’s is a charming spot in the Mission district and they offer free wifi.  It is family owned and operated, which gives it a cozy feeling.  Good proximity to the busses makes it easy to get to.  This coffee shop also maintains a respectable library of newspapers and magazines, as well as a computer workstation that can be rented for short periods of time.  Nanni’s is truly a hub of community.

When it comes to connecting to the internet, San Francisco residents have thousands of free options.  Tell us what your favorite wifi hotspot is!

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