Top 5 Private Tutor Programs

Everyone had that subject that just didn’t make sense, no matter how hard we worked at it. I wasn’t a particular fan of math. I couldn’t wrap my head around the numbers, carrying them here and there and multiplying by the lowest common denominator. It makes my head numb just thinking about it. And these days, schools are getting more and more competitive and getting through school can be an enormous feat.  So, whether it is a personal journey or if there are little ones involved, hiring a private tutor can be a wonderful resource along the way.


Having a private tutor can help children focus their attention on whatever they are specifically struggling with. In the classroom, the teacher does the majority of the pace-keeping, and if students fall behind, there isn’t a lot of extra time to devote to each individual child. That is the nature of the classroom and isn’t a reflection on the teachers at all, but for students who need more time on a particular subject or concept, a private tutor can be a worthwhile investment.  When the student is able to focus, this can lead to higher self-esteem and confidence. Also, the personal setting allows shy children to get questions answered, whereas they might be too frightened in class to speak up.  That way, when the child gets home, the homework assignments aren’t as daunting.  And even if they are, a private tutor can help with those assignments. Which can then lead to the child feeling more confident in the material during class time, so all-around performance will improve. Also, when in a session with a private tutor, there are generally less distractions than in the classroom.  One-on-one tutoring combines all of the ideal learning situations and allows children (and adults) to maximize their potential.

How to choose

It’s important to know that there are several different options when it comes to tutoring. If a child needs help in general, there are tutors available for whatever subject and grade level the child needs.  There are also services that are offered for specific tests (SAT, ACT, etc), where the tutors focus not only on studying material but on test-taking strategies for those entrance exams. There are also tutoring centers, where the tutors work at the facility and parents bring their children in (as opposed to the traditional tutor situation that happens within in the home).

It is also important to consider price range. These days private tutoring can be expensive, but there are several options. The majority of affordable tutoring will come from a center-setting that has a lot of tutors working for them, whereas hiring private tutors who work exclusively for themselves tends to cost more per hour.

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