Top 5 Home Theater Apps

Checking out the all of the home theater systems out there and finally picking one out can feel awesome. The high quality sound that comes along with these systems cannot be achieved simply by using the speakers that come with a TV. Because of this benefit, home theater systems are in demand everywhere.

Take this recent report out of Massachusetts, where a man tried to steal a pair of home theater systems from a Wal-Mart. How did he attempt to do this? Police say that 39-year-old Confesor Salazar attempted to use an old receipt to walk out of Wal-Mart with the pair of speaker systems.

Police say that Salazar had a female accomplice who went in and bought two systems. She handed him the receipt, which he tried to use when he walked out of the store with two more systems, claiming that he had just purchased them.

Because of how popular these systems are, there is plenty more than the average person can do with them using the average smart phone or tablet.

Check out these 5 great home theater apps that can be used to take the movie watching experience to a whole new level.

Dijit – Available on iOS and Android

Most people love having universal remotes but simply hate to program them. Instead of worrying about that, everyone should consider pairing the Dijit app with Griffin’s Beacon. The Beacon allows anyone to be able to control all of their favorite devices using their smartphone or tablet.

Along with the ability to add custom controls for a number of different devices, the Dijit app lets people look up the schedules of all their favorite TV shows, share what they are watching with others, and control their Netflix queue.

DB – Available on iOS

DB is essentially a very basic app for any iOS device that serves an important purpose. This app is a basic decibel meter that allows anyone to properly calibrate the levels of their home theater speakers so that everything sounds perfect. Users can measure sound levels up to 130 decibels and are able to adjust accordingly.

Speaker Pop – Available on iOS

Speaker Pop is a simple speaker polarity tester. With this app, users can test whether or not they have wired all of the equipment correctly. How does this work exactly? The app uses a microphone built into the smartphone or tablet and tries to listen for a “pop” sound coming from the speaker. It will then run a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) analysis of the sound to determine whether or not the speakers are set up correctly.

Home Theater Glossary – Available on Android

Many consumers out there who are setting their home theater systems up for the first time may not be able to understand the directions clearly enough. After all, many systems come along with complicated directions that can confuse the average person. Home Theater Glossary makes this process easy by providing a database of technical terms along with an explanation in simple terms of each phrase.

IMDb Movies & TV – Available on iOS & Android

IMDb Movies & TV is the best app out there for those who are information junkies when it comes to their favorite movies and TV shows. Any movie or TV show can be looked up using this app to discover who starred in or directed the production. Users can also watch trailers of upcoming movies and check when a certain movie or TV show may be on TV again.

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