Top 5 Geek Videos On YouTube

Finding a great video on YouTube can be like finding a needle in a virtual haystack; it seems the only ones that get millions of views are the ones promoted by major music artists, videos showing gratuitous kicks to the groin or those that prominently feature house cats. There are many videos that deserve to get more YouTube views, like these top five geeky videos:

1)     How Star Trek Should Have Ended

Geeks around the world love both Star Trek and Star Wars, almost to the exclusion of all other things. This cartoon-y video is a roll up of every Star Trek meme ever, and provides quite a few laughs and Captain Kirk and company try to think their way out of a sticky situation. Combined with a surprise ending, this geeky video is a must-watch. Check it out here.

2)     Fett’s Vette Music Video

This video might be heavy for younger viewer’s ears, but still a classic geeky video.  This video details the challenges a bounty hunter for Jabba the Hutt faces as he cruises the galaxy far, far away looking for his targets. Backpacks, jets, intergalactic travel, Star Wars, a role playing game, and a catchy beat…everything a geek needs to get up and dance. Click here to view.

3)     Google Superbowl Ad Parody

Since the launch of the Google Superbowl Ad, several parodies have risen up to take this popular commercial to the next level. This parody video of that classic ad deserves a few more views than it has, and shows off the features of everyone’s favorite search engine through a more practical point of view – just don’t get any ideas. Slightly over a minute long and safe for work, it can be viewed here.

4)     Global Geek Week

Face it, being labeled a geek can be a bad rap, and some people take offense to the word “geek.” However, as this video shows, geeks have given us things like the personal computer, the light bulb, and even gravity. As this geeky video attests, it’s great to be a geek!  This video was originally an entry into a contest, apparently a contest that was supposed to tell everybody something geeks already knew.

5)     Rule Breakers

Geeks sometimes act out against a society that shuns them, and these two are no exception. Even though they’ve grown up in an affluent two parent house hold, these two geeks show that even geeks can be tough, cool, and rebellious. This video, shown here, is hard to watch if the viewer is one who follows rules.

Geeks are here to stay, even with their love of Star Wars, Star Trek, computers, and gravity, as evidenced by these top five geeky videos.  Take a moment to watch them all and help them get more YouTube views.

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