Top 5 Child Bath Products

The over-40 set surely remembers those idyllic childhood hours spent playing in a bubble bath: the soap-bubble beards tickling the chest, the luscious fragrances poured into deliciously warm water, and the best part of all: splashing until the bathroom floor was thoroughly wet. The has an enticing collection of bath products designed to bring smiles and splashes to bath time.

Playful imaginings come naturally to a child’s mind: Steering a course for wild new adventures, and discovering new frontiers of play. It’s no surprise that many adult men and women remember with fondness the wonderful time they had playing in bathtub when they were young children. A quick trip down memory lane will likely bring back those happy bath-time memories.

1. It probably comes as no surprise that bubble bath is at the top of the list for child bath products. Bubble baths today come in a rich array of scents and formulas that bring smiles to children, parents, and grandparents, too. Handcrafted bath products were only available as a special gift from grandma back in the day, when bath product choices were limited to the old standbys. That’s all changed, and choices now abound: From fruity scents to serendipitous formulations that feel delicious on a young child’s skin.

2. When bathing children, safety is paramount. Even under the watch of a vigilant parent, many children still incur injuries in bathtub accidents each year. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates more than 400 children drowned in tub accidents from 2006 to 2010. Nothing replaces responsible adult supervision, but a variety of aids can lower the chances of mishaps. The use of padded spout covers protect a baby’s head from bruising, especially when bathing a vigorous toddler, as young children may not have a well-developed sense of spatiality. Other safety equipment parents might consider: handgrips, and no-slip mats.

3. Child bath seats give parents one free hand. When bathing the child, a parent should keep one hand on a young baby at all times. If a parent chooses to use a bath seat, another caveat is in order: It’s a good idea to check for any safety-recall alerts, particularly if the equipment was acquired second hand.

4. Shampoos and conditioners deserve a scrutinizing look. Over the years, allegations of a cancer risk from baby shampoos have motivated parents to look for improved formulations. Although cosmetics may not be a pressing concern for politicians, those behind The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, continue to press the issue. “The Toxic Substances Control Act really needs to be updated,” says Gay Timmons, a founding member of the Natural and Organic Cosmetic Alliance.

5. Bath toys are among the top of the list for bath products. Creating rich opportunities for play is an important contributor to healthy child development, and water play affords a child a rich sensory experience. Make sure toys have been manufactured specifically for the child’s developmental stage, and that the toys are intended to be used in water. Even so, stay alert for any broken pieces that might end up in a toddler’s mouth.


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