Tips For Using Your Own Hookah


Smoking hookah at bars or lounges is a thrilling experience, but owning a hookah is a different matter. A setting that caters to those who enjoy hookah has a variety of flavors available, and someone else sets up and cleans the devices. Having a hookah in your home requires a bit of knowledge about set up, maintenance and the products available for a hookah. You can enjoy an evening at home with friends or by yourself when using these tips.


It may take multiple attempts to master the correct techniques for setting up a hookah, but you may not know that something is wrong until you are trying to smoke. One of the most common reasons the hookah does not emit a lot of smoke is because it is not airtight. Check for any leaks between the shaft and the base, bowl or hoses, and secure any place where air can get in. An open purge or hole in a hose can also cause leaks.

Smoke problems also arise when using old tobacco or less charcoal than needed, so adding charcoal to a bowl or buying fresher products might solve the problem. A clog can also block smoke even if you have not used your hookah much, so check for tobacco in the holes of the bowl.

The Right Amount of Charcoal

While not using enough charcoal may result in wispy smoke, too much charcoal can result in a harsh taste. The size of both your hookah and the coal will determine roughly how much charcoal is necessary, and moving and replacing coals will also influence the taste. If too much charcoal causes the tobacco to burn, the harshness will last until refilling the bowl.

Clean Up

When using similar flavors, cleaning a hookah could wait until after 3-5 uses. However, you can clean the hookah after each use so that the smell does not linger and to prevent different flavors from conflicting. Clean the hose, shaft, bowl and base separately, and refrain from using chemicals. Hot water or natural ingredients like baking soda or lemon are useful when cleaning, but not all hoses can be washed. The rest of the hookah can be rinsed, and blowing through the hose clears it out after each use.


In addition to flavor options, most stores will offer many accessories that make using the hookah easier. Tongs or a hose valve are useful and good investments for those that regularly use a hookah. The need for a bowl screen, wind cover or carrying bag may largely depend on your preferences and the way you intend on using your hookah. Cleaning brushes, a poker, specially cut foil or a rubber base may not be essential supplies, but they can help when getting comfortable with a hookah.

Putting together, taking apart and using your hookah will get easier with practice, and this will also give you time to try accessories and figure out your favorite flavors. A little know-how can make the hookah a treat on special occasions or a great new hobby.


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